Friday, December 28, 2012

Zuma Dogg -- L.A. City News - L.A. Daily Blog "FLAMING HARDBALLS THROUGH CITY HALL WINDOW" ("Best of City Hall" 2012 -- Aka: "Worst of City Hall")

HERE'S A "ROCK THE VOTE" Political Anthem (recorded December 28, 2013), "Start Up The Show!" About L.A. City Elections (Union Installations). Inspired after looking at my council district "City Hall/Union" candidate (shoe-in), Not exactly a blog for the community, but L.A. City Union Directory:

"Start Up The Show!" by @ZumaDogg (About March 05, 2013 L.A. City Elections.)

MOST RECENT POSTS for - "Best of L.A. City Hall 2012 (Aka: Worst of L.A. City Hall)": ZD's flamin' hardballs through city hall window:

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