Thursday, January 3, 2013

15 MINUTE VIDEO: Zuma Dogg on KNBC 4 NEWS -- 15 MINUTES OF ZUMA DOGG on L.A. City Hall (Fraud, Waste & Abuse) MUST SEE L.A. TV --

With the L.A. Mayoral Election coming up, March 05, 2013 ("60 Day Warning") -- nothing is new, this time, except, everything is even worse than it was four years ago, at this time, when Zuma Dogg appeared on KNBC 4 News Raw to discuss L.A. City Hall and issue of importance to the city and it's people, as 2009 L.A. Mayoral Candidate. IMAGINE Zuma Dogg gets a 15 minute FREE RIDE on KNBC 4, to RANT on L.A. City Council, clean shaven -- and with a jacket and tie -- for EXTRA MASS APPEAL of the message. CHECK IT!

"Zuma Dogg" on KNBC News Raw for 2009 Los Angeles Mayoral Election: I just found this on the internet, and didn't even know it existed. Good 17 minute TV rant, with no council president to cut me off. MUST SEE ZD in MOST PROFESSIONAL KNBC STUDIO SETTING. Get to know David "Zuma Dogg" Saltsburg. [NOTE: At the time, Villaraigosa was gonna run for governor, as I mention here, briefly; but due to his poor performance in this 2009 election, he dropped the idea.]

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