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Does L.A. Mayoral Candidate Eric Garcetti Have Shill "Land Trust" Non-Profit, Used To Buy Up L.A. City Property -- After Using Power/Influence To Benefit The "Trust" As Los Angeles. Elected Official?

Zuma Dogg blog post on Mayor Sam Blog from Thursday, July 26, 2007

Someone contacted ZD, today, about "Eric Garcetti shill non-profit, to buy up land from the city." I always do a Google search, "Zuma Dogg (Shady Name) (Shady Topic)," so I did a search, "Zuma Dogg Garcetti Land Trust," and this post appeared, and the question is, "What are the legal ramifications, if an elected official, sets up a shill "Land Trust" non-profit, and starts using influence and power, as City Council President/Councilmember/Elected Official, to vote in directions that benefit the non-profit, and not stakeholders of L.A.?

Eric Garcetti vs LAUSD and the Parents and Kids

There is a school site at Alverado and Santa Ynez, but Los Angeles City Council President Eric Garcetti doesn't support a school for the kids and does not want to build a school there. Why would he? No profitable angle?

Some people in the area moved and LAUSD bought the land. They are going to build a school there. But Garcetti said he won’t allow it because of traffic, cultural and historic aspects!?!? What a bunch of B.S.!

He wants to cancel the school project because he does not want it there. And he does not support the parents who want the school. Garcetti wants the land available so a developer can develop it. Watch his favorite non-profit, LA Neighborhood Land Trust, decide they want to buy it for a park -- then end up developing housing units or any commercial project except a school. (WHATEVER ELSE THE LAND IS USED FOR WON'T AFFECT THE CULTURE AND HISTORY, EXCEPT A SCHOOL...LOL!]

Why is Eric being unsupportive of the children in the neighborhood? IF HE SAID HE WANTS TO USE IT FOR DEVELOPMENT…What better use than a school?

Some people ZD has spoken to over this issue (the ones who contacted me over fear of losing a needed school in the area) feels Garcetti has his own agenda and purpose for the land: Development. The land will become available and put up for development for a park or housing or anything commercial they feel like, restaurants and shopping, when the priority are the kids and the schools. It’s called a “land grab”.

Regarding the status of the school site: Please attend the LAUSD Facilities School Board Meeting, selection sight meeting, August 1, 6:00pm, at Rosemont Elementary School 421 North Rosemont Ave. LA, CA 90026 Contact: 800-704-1267
Posted by Zuma Dogg @ 7/26/2007 08:34:00 AM


Mission Statement

The mission of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust is to build healthier, stronger and safer neighborhoods through the creation of urban parks and community gardens. The Land Trust is dedicated to bringing open, accessible, recreational and green spaces to LA’s most park-poor areas to remedy the severe lack of open space in Los Angeles’ underserved neighborhoods, thereby addressing an environmental justice issue. Through grassroots organizing, community leadership development and programming, the Land Trust not only works to create shared parks and gardens, but empowers residents in low-income areas to transform their neighborhoods and quality of life through direct community action, involvement and ownership. This is a unique and highly effective business model that delivers parks and gardens where they are needed most, eliminating bureaucracy and assuring long term sustainability.

Impact Statement from Nonprofit

The Land Trust serves low-income communities of color in the County of Los Angeles that experience little to no access to green spaces within walking distance. The populations we work with have household incomes well below the Citywide median, which is already lower than the national median. In many of these communities, up to 45% of families are living in poverty. These communities tend to have high rates of obesity and diabetes due to a lack of exercise facilities and a lack of access to fresh food. This constituency is traditionally underserved and disadvantaged with little or no access to resources such as parks and local programming opportunities.  New open green spaces created by the Land Trust could serve as many as 3,000-5,000 residents per site every year, in perpetuity. The benefits of parks and community gardens go beyond encouraging increased physical activity. Public health studies of highly urbanized communities have found that they provide residents positive and cumulative health benefits including: lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels; fewer minor medical complaints; lower self-reported stress; lower rates of crime and domestic violence; and improved air and water quality. Green spaces also benefit the wider neighborhood environment. In addition to improving the air quality, parks and gardens offer natural permeable surfaces that clean the water as it flows to the ocean, helping reduce urban runoff and pollution. Additionally, the trees, grass and plants allow residents to connect with nature in highly urbanized, dense areas where natural environments are not otherwise found. At their highest level of impact, these spaces transform neighborhoods and pull a community together to instill pride, progress and safety for its residents.

Looks like Eric Garcetti on THIS page, and he is listed under "Friends" on this page=perhaps a "wink-wink" for people checking out the "DONATION" button, on the page -- that the MAYOR OF LOS ANGELES IS LISTED AS THEIR FRIEND. (As in FRIENDLY to their land trust?): http://www.lanlt.org/about-us.php#board (This non-profit sure thanks a lot of people and groups -- and sure is careful not to have ANY MENTION of City of Los Angeles/City Hall  -- EXCEPT FOR THEIR "FRIEND," THE MAYOR OF LOS ANGELES. You would think City Hall/Council has NO INVOLVEMENT, WHATSOEVER in the projects, even though City Hall/Council votes on the land that goes into this land (un)trust.)

Basic Organization Information

Also Known As:
Physical Address:
Los Angeles, CA 90015 
Web URL:
NTEE Category:
S Community Improvement, Capacity Building 
S99 Community Improvement, Capacity Building N.E.C. 
S Community Improvement, Capacity Building 
S31 Urban, Community 
N Recreation, Sports, Leisure, Athletics 
N32 Parks and Playgrounds 
Year Founded:
Ruling Year:

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