Monday, January 7, 2013

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Here's what my first ever website, looks like, today, on it's first day. Launching with my my world-class, high-brow stuff (Quality & Productivity, Marketing Strategy Warfare, Empowerment based on NLP/Mind/Body/Spirit) -- ALL of ZD's social media tools and platforms (that me and Alfred too YEARS to develop/keys to the Batcave) on ONE PAGE -- and "Best of Zuma Dogg Show" MEGA-PLAYLIST (4 hr 30 mins):  It's called ZD's "Daily Page" Something plain and simple like Druge Report. And all you need to conquer the world:


(Looks innocuous, by pain-staking effort.)

01-07-13: Gonna take the 12 years of ZD media, scattered across the net; and post links (a la carte), from the top -- for first time viewers; and for long-time viewers to catch things they missed/wanna see again -- on one EZ page. Kinda like ZD's custom twitterbook. Will update with whatever is going on, at the moment, in this space, here, and tweet the updates. 

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Full Blog: [New original songs (CLUB BANGERS) recorded/posted (01-06-13); all original songs by ZD, new L.A. City Hall political posts & "Best of Zuma Dogg Show" embedded.]

@ZumaDogg FEATURED TWEET: "ONE WEEK FROM TODAY=01-14-13: Federal summary judgement hearing on L.A. Council's public comment conduct rules (Interruptions/cut-offs/ejections/30-day bans vs @ZumaDogg)" [If Judge overturns, all who have ever been cut-off may sue.]

01-07-13 Subpages: 
* "Empowerment" [Based on NLP] 

"Kingpin" Script [Based on L.A. City Hall] 

* "Marketing Warfare"  [Ries & Trout]

"Quality & Productivity"  [14 Points] 

* "ZD's Social Media Tools" [All the "must have" online tools and platforms to conquer world.]

"LA City Elections - Search Engine" [Search ZD's L.A. Daily Blog, by candidate/issue/topic.]

"YouTube Marketing Warfare" [Part of "Social Media Warfare" Webinar]

"ZumaShow" - Public Comment & City Hall Videos [ - via individual tweets, all  on one page."]

* ZD's Venice Beach "Pop-Reggae" Featured Player at

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