Saturday, January 19, 2013

Say Goodbye To "Zuma Dogg" (2000-2012) L.A. Public Spirit/Personality [FINAL PICTURE and a message from Zuma Dogg Creator Dave]

[PICTURED: That ain't "Zuma Dogg," y'all...just the "Tony Clifton" guy, behind him; who put on the ole' cap and glasses to see if ZD was still there. NOPE! THAT ain't Zuma Dogg. WHO IS THAT IMPOSTER?]
ZUMA DOGG R.I.P. (2000-2012): NOT a crisis message from Dave. Dave will be carrying on, but I guess, without Zuma Dogg. ZD was a sensitive reflector of The People's spirit, with the "street/social media feedback," LITERALLY the fuel that kept ZD's daily parade, goin' for 12 years; BUT, as disability progressed; had to STOP TV appearances; and folks left the dance floor; CLEARLY the fuel is gone; while ZD continued to press the accelerator, one time, too many; and CLEARLY, we are back to PRE-ZD, "Serious Marketing/Quality/Marketing" Top-Of-The-Mountain guy; and will continue to generate the most prolific body of creative output, toward the goal of making this place a little more fun and tolerable; touching on moments of SHEER BLISS AND ENJOYMENT, that trigger the biochemicals that make you HAPPY and PRODUCTIVE; on things that make you, "think about it." But, ZD died in Dec 2012. Thank you, and please respect Dave, in his time of mourning. He took ONE look at this picture and burst out into tears; and came to this realization. 

Remember Pink Floyd's stark "Final Cut" LP (their final cut.) Here's mine. Not about a specific person walkin' out the door; just everyone/my entire relationship with the People of L.A. that ENDED as soon as I became too disabled to show up on TV, three times a week. A FEDERAL COURT ruled that City of Los Angeles violated my civil rights, for several years, which prevented my earning of income; I became homeless; many problems ensued, and in that period, became disabled; and diagnosed disabled, by State of Californina. Here's Zuma Dogg's "Final Cut" song, "(Out Of My Life) Waiting For You." Hope Dave (the physical body, that remains) isn't right behind him. He needs some food to eat, tonight, right now  --  and just struck out, in the garbage cans. (FUCK FEET...heart don't fail me now.)

"(Outta My Life) Waiting For You"

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Dave uploads Zuma Dogg's never-uploaded songs. GRAMMY STUFF: "(Please) Don't Leave Me Lonely" by (R.I.P.)

AND MOSTLY, he said a lot, lately, this June 2012 music video, "The First Song of the Night" is what he most wants to be remembered for, and feels it was his peak moment, before the decline, leading to today's post: [Recorded the song on his laptop, then ran outside to record this video in one take.]

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