Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Icon Rapper Jadakiss Goes Political With Zuma Dogg on, "(L.A. City Hall) Where The Steal's At" - EXCLUSIVE!!!

[PICTURED: Icon Rappers Jadakiss (l) and Zuma Dogg (r)]

Naw, naw, naw...listen as many times as you won't even BELIEVE L.A. Political Icon Voice of The People dragged Icon Rapper Jadakiss, all up into the mix, for this POLITICAL RAP ANTHEM CLASSIC, that HAPPENS to be the BIGGEST POP HIT since, "Girl You Know It's True," or anything by Linear. On American Top 40, this is WAY TOO GANGSTA for me, Ryan Seacrest, so I'm running out of the studio, while you listen to Jadakiss with Zuma Dogg and, "(City Hall) Where The Steal's At," about Federal money from The White House, sent to Los Angeles City Hall (Mayor Antonio Villaraiogsa and City Council), for SERVICES FOR THE PEOPLE...only to NOT have those services provided, then an audit saying the money was used to buy wave runners and VIP weekends at the Ritz-Carlton, for members of the connected non-profits. DOH! Time to RISE UP, Y'ALL!!! HERE'S AN ANTHEM TO GET FIRED UP TO! Oh yeah, I'm Ryan Seacrest."

"(L.A. City Hall) Where The Steal's At" - Jadakiss w/ZumaDogg
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