Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Zuma Dogg - Public Comment Montage (2006-2012) One Full Hour of "Best of Zuma Dogg/Worst of L.A. City Council" [TV 35 Public Comment Videos on L.A. City Hall FRAUD, WASTE & ABUSE of POWER! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MONEY -- EXPLAINED IN THESE VIDEOS!]

@ZumaDogg: "Public Comment" (2006-2012): EXPOSING FRAUD/WASTE/ABUSE ("Municipal Mafia Corruption") that brought L.A. City to it's current ECONOMIC & PUBLIC SERVICES WRECK. THE BLUEPRINT OF CORRUPTION & WASTE! Entertaining, even if you are not into political stuff. Look how they try to stop ZD, every step of the way. 

A FEDERAL hearing (Summary Judgement) on these interruption, Jan. 14, 2013. It's not about Mr. Dogg's BAD REACTION to the interruptions. It's about the interruption, in the first place. THEN, there is the issue of these "30 Day Bans" of Mr. Dogg's Free Speech at the council meetings. It's possible a Federal Judge will find L.A. City Council went too far, and crossed the line; and the "Code of Conduct" (Rules of Decorum) may end up getting thrown out, leaving the free speech, a little more free.

BUT, that is just an aside to these videos, and explains why it looks like a UFC "highlights' reel of knockouts only. The history of L.A. City Hall fraud, waste and abuse is told in these videos. 

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