Tuesday, February 19, 2013

FREE BEATS & 99 Cent Beats at NEW 99CentBeatStore.com

99CentBeatStore.com: Here are some @DJMoMurda beats, with tags and no leases, that you can use to try out, before you buy the untagged version, with lease; you can stream your original on this beat -- and use it to perform LIVE/audition. You just can't SELL it. There's a REASON I'm pushing @DJMoMurda. You got an O.G. producer named, "Mo Murda" with an angelic music spirit -- even on the bangers. THIS GUY IS WHERE IT'S AT. You can sound UNIQUE, but not changing the formula of successful hip-hop/rap. Just REALLY GOOD SOUNDING HITS! Have fun.  DON'T BE FOOLED BY THE NAME (unless you ARE a fool!) @DJMoMurda=HE'S REALLY A NICE GUY (He only murders beats!) AND A VERY GENEROUS/not greedy PRODUCER:

@DJMoMurda LICENSED PRO BEATS w/out tags (Names are different than in player above. Just scan each one in this player, anyway. They all good. You'll hear the ones, above.)

1. Click +ADD next to the beats you wish to order. 2. Click on the licenses you would like to purchase. 3. Click the Buy Now button at the bottom right hand side of the myFlashStore player to make payment. 4. After payment in PayPal, you will instantly receive the download links to your PayPal email address.

The beats above come without tags and with licenses for you to sell online/mixtapes/all commercial uses.

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