Friday, February 15, 2013

GREUEL CAMPAIGN TURNED UPSIDE DOWN!!! Former Los Angeles City Mayor Richard Riordan Endorses Kevin James for Mayor in March 05, 2013 Election.

Former Los Angeles City Mayor Richard Riordan Endorses Kevin James for Mayor in March 05, 2013 Election. More to come at Zuma Dogg tweets upon hearing the news:

I may be out of touch, but I think Richard Riordan endorsing Kevin James is a game-changer. Forget that it's a Rebulican endorsing a Republican.

To old people, Riordan is still a "Siskle & Ebert" thumbs up; and old people vote, in much larger percentages.

Folks don't equate Riordan as "Republican," just Mayor they liked in good times and they think he's Mr. Smart/Successful Billionaire.

So, yeah HUGE for Kev.

And mostly, BAD for Wendy Greuel.
Wendy and Richard are former partners in Wetherly Captial shadiness, in the same getaway car.

DAMN, did he dump his hoe to the curve. Glad I don't live in Wendy's neighborhood. She must be running around screaming loud enough to register on the richter scale.

SONG ABOUT L.A. City Election (Union Machine), inspired by folks like Wendy Greuel and Mike Bonin - "Start Up The Show": 

ZumaDogg: @MayorSam: Oh no...JUST when I was CERTAIN I WAS OUT...Riordan Endorses Kevin @James4Mayor: I'm all fired up/ready to let folks know!

ZumaDogg: I was supporting Jan Perry, for mayor; but w RichardRiordan endorsing Kevin @James4Mayor, I wanna be supportive of Kevin, now=real chances.

ZumaDogg: @Wendy_Greuel has BECOME the human "Measure B."

ZumaDogg: GAME-CHANGER: Who gives a sh*t who #RichardRiordan endorses=Old people. Who votes mostly=Old people. RRiordan Endorses Kevin @James4Mayor.  

ZumaDogg: LA PSYCHO SQUAD=ALERT! #WendyGreuel may be on the way! NEWS is breaking=Her political Godfather #RichardRiordan ENDORSES Kevin @James4Mayor

ZumaDogg: @James4Mayor: WOWxWOW=Congrats on STUNNING ENDORSEMENT by Richard Riordan! RR and Greuel are former Siamese twins of Wetherly Captial gang.

TRANSLATION FOR MY HIP HOP FANS: Former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan (An L.A. BILLIONAIRE/GODFATHER/KINGPIN) endorsing Kevin @James4Mayor, instead of @Wendy_Greuel, is like Dr. Dre endorsing Lil Wayne over Snoop Dogg!

[PICTURED: Zuma Dogg - 02-14-13] 
@Bill_Rosendahl: If U did ANYTHING right, Abbott-Kinney=NEW RODEO DRIVE for next generation Angelinos & tourists from abroad. #JewelStreetofLA

I HATE tourists, but if you live in L.A. region, and it's a nice day, today, you should take a stroll. Good for billionaires or folks who want a slice of pizza or coffee (better than the usual/but normal prices.) And, usually some food trucks, around.

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