Friday, February 15, 2013

L.A. City Council "Code of Conduct" (Public Comment Rules) -- NOW AWAITING SUMMARY JUDGEMENT DECISION from FEDERAL JUDGE, in advance of May 2013 Jury Trial to Award Dogg/Dowd DAMAGES! Page: BLOG POST updates, as they are posted throughout the day. New flexibility with this format (blog within a website) may produce more content, throughout the day. Short URL:

PICTURED: "The Plaintiff" - Awaiting, along with L.A. City Council/L.A. City Attorneys/Outside Counsel, for SUMMARY JUDGEMENT on "Code of Conduct" (rules of decorum) for during public comment. Basically, if FEDERAL JUDGE says it is constitutional to BAN someone from 1st Amendment/Protected Speech for 30 Council meeting=L.A. City wins. If it is NOT written in the Constitution, and a judge believes it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to ban someone for 30 Council meetings, Zuma Dogg/Matt Dowd win. (And the RULES will be TOSSED!) A jury trial is set for May 2013 to award Dogg/Dowd damages for the Venice Beach (42.15) portion of this 1st Amendment lawsuit vs L.A. City -- along with any additional damages, should the judge find Dogg/Dowd were ILLEGALLY banned from free speech rights. Aside from the City Attorney time/money; there is the OUTSIDE COUNSEL ($350/hr, $250/hr, $125/hr) -- and Dogg/Dowd's attorney ($850/hr)  to PREPARE for the trial -- THEN, the trail. ALL OF THE ATTORNEY FEES, including DOGG/DOWD's are paid for out of YOUR L.A. City General Fund (same one for Fire/Police/Potholes/City Attorney/ALL CITYWIDE OPERATIONS/ADMINISTRATION.) Important stuff, like typing up Zuma Dogg/Matt Dowd public comment transcripts; along with preparing EIGHT folders of documents about Zuma Dogg and all he has ever tweeted/blogged. Now, THAT is L.A. City money WELL SPENT (in ONE DOGG'S opinion.) 

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