Sunday, February 17, 2013

East-West Rock-Hop Collab: "(Not Wanted) Dead or Alive" - Zuma Dogg w Bon Jovi (About Venice Beach Civil Rights Violations=AFTERMATH 2013) "...dedicated to Bill Rosendahl, I'm Casey Kasem."

[Pictured: ZD on 02-16-13 - photo credit: David Saltsburg]
LEMONS=LEMONADE?: When you are a genius artist, of many mediums, you wake up and slap som'in together, to keep from EXPLODING! Here's som'in documenting the daily slide of a guy who is too disabled to get on his grind. "I was a right's were thrown to the side. I'm not wanted (not wa-nted)...Dead or Alive." On American Top 40, I'm Casey Kasem, the ORIGINAL Ryan Seacrest.

"(Not Wanted) Dead or Alive" - Zuma Dogg with Jon Bon Jovi (and Richie Sambora on geetar):

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