Sunday, May 26, 2013

L.A. Performing "Legend/Icon" Zuma Dogg Releases 40 NEW Pop Songs: LISTEN HERE: -

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND! Remember what this weekend is all about! If you see a vet on the street, pull out a dollar and hand it to him/her, for something to eat. With the OFFICIAL KICK OFF TO SUMMER, I arranged 40 of my pop song demos, into a player, to play like PANDORA, but ALL ZUMA DOGG!!! Though I wish ALL of them could be first (and second) -- I arranged them in "concert/radio" playback order, to be good, all the way through. So if you don't dig ONE song, skip to the next song, cause it could be a totally different vibe (like Top 40 radio used to be.) THIS is my Top 40 station, with songs I recorded myself, cause I'm a narcassist, and hopefully, good at moments.

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