Thursday, June 27, 2013

BREAKING: 2 NEW Pictures of Zuma Dogg (June 26, 2013): As Clean Shaven As He Gets=Look Before It Grows Back

Wow! Doesn't matter WHAT I do (blog posts/videos/etc.) more comments on my facebook page when I posted a new picture, cause I just got a rare shave/haircut. I guess I'm just like some Supermodel that people just wanna LOOK at, for sheer aesthetic purposes; and not have to think, too much. ;) Meanwhile, they both hope to never see another Angelino, again. You can catch 'em in Santa Monica. #BetterZoning=BetterQuailtyofLife/People. You kinda have to look down your nose on Angelinos, these day; and I don't like doing that, so I stick to the upscale parts. You think I trip on sidewalk cracks in Santa Monica? NO, because they don't have them.

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