Friday, June 28, 2013


I became political activist vs L.A. City Council. The meetings are televised on TV, repeatedly; and I've done 1000s of televised comments. HERE'S a summary of how I would attack Democrats, if I were a guest on one of those cable news shows; or a radio talk show host. I've never been a Democrat or Republican, by definition; but of COURSE, I could never join the type of logic Nancy Pelosi tries to get away with. 

ZUMA DOGG POLITICAL STRATEGY: They say they are YOUR party. They are there to provide for you and protect your from cutbacks to the bone, by Republicans. But, look around, People? Look at YOUR community? You are being used, as political props/puppets. But, you don't get what you were promised. The White House send FEDERAL money to your State and City to provide food, shelter and services for low-income, disabled and seniors. Money to redevelop your community. Money for YOU and your community. But, the money never makes it to you and the community. It's given to billionaires, like Solyndra. And, in L.A., $50 million to redevelop the community, was given to a billionaire, to build his museum parking garage. The politicians friends and family members sit on the non-profit boards, who distribute the money to the community; then vote the money into their own shill non-profits. BOTTOM LINE: There is a BIG POT OF FEDERAL DOLLARS UP FOR GRABS, every day, in the U.S.A.; and the REASON you become a politician, is to scheme with your cronies and family members; how to pilfer, divert and siphon as much of it AWAY from YOU -- and INTO THEIR POCKETS. BUT, YOU, the low-income people in America vote for people, based on their last name/race/ethnicity, thinking they represent YOUR best interests; but they are ALL their for THEIR own interests, not yours. You don't get what you voted for. Raise YOUR hand if you feel that economic recovery Obama and the Democrats said we just had. How does YOUR neighborhood look? If you want to see some REAL nice community improvement=check the areas where they just built all those upscale, million dollar, condo units. - Zuma Dogg --

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