Friday, June 14, 2013

Zuma Dogg SPEAKS on City of Los Angeles (A Muncipal CORPORATION) and What YOU Can DO About It!

My name is Zuma Dogg. April 04, 2006, I entered L.A. City Hall, for the City Council meeting, for the first time; about my own personal issue, regarding civil rights (1st Amendment/Constitution) at Venice Beach. While waiting to speak, during the public comment time, I learned a lot, while being forced to listen to the meetings; and especially hear the other peoples' public comment. After the meetings, I would call into radio, to try to alert the masses as to the OUTRAGE that way taking place in council chambers. (What council was doing/approving.) People would respond, "Gee, ZD. L.A. City Council (emphasis on the GREAT L.A. part), are SWELL, really cool people." Eric Garcetti is the GREATEST! What do you mean he's shady? What do you mean council are shady/corrupt?" You didn't hear talk show hosts talking about City Hall. L.A. Times was the best friend of City Hall, never exposing any problem. CUT TO 2013: FUGGEDABOUTIT! EVERYONE KNOWS. It's all you hear and read. It's all people talk about. Everyone knows, now. SO HERE IS THE NEW ZUMA DOGG CONTENT FOR TODAY: The corruption machine is bigger than ever. The bottom has fallen out from under the People; and it ain't even worth trying to make a dent. Not even worth a single huff of the Big Bad Wolf. SO HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO CONSIDER: L.A. City is a MUNICIPAL CORPORATION. As in CORPORATION. A corporation picks it's management team; sets their own agenda; has their own best interest in mind; has their own rules; security on the premises; and you have to play by their rules. Maybe they wanna overpay their employees and pay the janitor $70,000 a year with great benefits. That may drive up costs, but maybe they are trying to be Wolfgang Puck or Nobu and cater to upscale crowd. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A CUSTOMER. In other words, if you ain't happy with L.A. City management and the price to be their customer; you should move. I doubt many of you HAVE to be in L.A. City limits, as a necessity. AND, if you do; too bad. I can't eat at Nobu, though I'd like to. You'll say, "Well, Gee. I thought everything was based on public input; and the mayor and council and police are there to carry out the wishes of the People." That's nice, if you live in Mayberry 1950. Six years ago, there was much more, "feet to the fire," on this stuff. But now, the courts are so short-staffed/clogged up/slow -- the politicians can do whatever they want. If anyone challenges anything in court; it's almost certain, the politician will be termed out; or elected to higher office, before any of the legal mess comes to a head. And, the political machine OWNS the courts. They ain't busting nobody. Look what happened in L.A. In the seven years I've been watching; for all the bankrupting-corruption in L.A., two, low-level building inspectors got busted. LOL! DON'T EXPECT IMPROVEMENT. CORPORATE/BUSINESS ANARCHY MAY FLOURISH IN L.A., cause Building & Safety ain't showin' up to bust no body. Come to Venice, and take a look. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST TIMES, on the way, in L.A. City of Los Angeles is a "Municipal CORPORATION." If you aren't a fan of the corporation, your only option is to not be a customer.

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