Wednesday, August 7, 2013

See :30 Second Time-Warner Commercial for "Zuma Dogg Free Outdoor Concert in Malibu, Sunday @ 4pm"

NOTICE: This idea/TV commercial is a lot of fun, but Zuma Dogg ain't what he used to be, and though NEVER SOUNDS BETTER as a LIVE vocalist, after a year of recording and singing, more than ever -- he's kinda too disabled to commit to having to be at a certain location at a certain time. In other words, based on how I feel, today; I can't direct people to an event that I can't be assured I will be able to attend. CANCELLED! But, enjoy this fun commercial and idea/in theory.

4pm Sunday @ Cross Creek/Malibu - :30 second commercial for Time-Warner/Malibu:

"It's Zuma Dogg!" (ZD's BIGGEST, Venice Beach boardwalk crowd-pleaser/Dr. Dre style, West Coast BANGER.) #NEW=August 6, 2013

ZD gives a little acapella test on his new amp, for Malibu Show. ALL THE CLASSICS!

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