Thursday, July 17, 2014

Los Angeles Political Icon Zuma Dogg=SPEAKS UP About L.A. Mayor #EricGarcetti (As of July 17, 2014 - COMMENTS & ACTIONS)

[CAPTION: "Now, look. We've got this. Just do it like I tell ya, Gil, and you're gonna go far in U.S. politics."]

I wrapped my own city biz, as political gadfly, and haven't said much about L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, who I spent most city council meeting with, in council chambers; while she was L.A. City Council president (starting in 2006, the month Eric BECAME Council president).

I guess I was sent to be her nemesis/watchdogg; during that time/era; but again, I haven't said much about Garcetti/L.A. Mayor/City Council/City Hall/Politics/Municipal Operations, since she's been mayor.

BUT, we got a problem, Houston...AND Los Angeles. The guy is drunk on Obama Juice. Obama has become pretty unpopular (most unpopular President in U.S. history) -- and it appears Obama is purposefully, by strategic design, decimating the U.S. -- and you can't do that, unless you decimate L.A. (a huge playing field.)

I DO consider sending high-powered weapons to Mexican gangs; firing top Military Generals/weakening military to record-low levels, amidst world of sophisticated global terrorism; erasing border by non-enforcement --  and now tying up all resources with gang members from across the border, with packed SUVs of hungry/diseased children; breaking the health care system, which also hurt jobs/economy; and his (what appears to be) enabling terrorists, overseas=PURPOSEFULLY decimating U.S., strategically, by design.

And NOW, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, who, so far, seems to have spent entire first year, running around the city -- FUNDRAISING (campaigning to be U.S. President, himself) -- is moving mountains to get the NEW wave of illegal kids/gang members into L.A. housing, with services/food/etc.

INTERESTING! The same week Garcetti SPEAKS of ending Veteran homelessness; his ACTIONS are taking care of Obama's illegals, being shipped in SUVs, driven by/with gang members (the HARDCORE/RUTHLESS KILLER KIND.)

The question people are asking is, "If we already have so many homeless/hungry children in L.A. City Limits...and the infrastructure is already over-burdened -- and it appeared City Hall hasn't been able to do more than a symbolic, photo-op, drip in the bucket...HOW COME GARCETTI, who says, 'forget all that. We have to help children,' is now able to help the NEW ones, being shipped here, under some weird/illegal guise of Obama -- but not the children, already inside city limits?" (It's like "death panels," for children.)

THIS IS SERIOUS SHIT, Y'ALL!!! I was FINE with Garcetti just being a do-nothing/fund-raising/auto-pilot mayor...BUT: I believe he's taken a turn for the worst. Power corrupts, absolutely, they say. And this guy has ALL the qualities of someone vulnerable to this. AND, he's WAY too stubborn/arrogant and unrealistic to do ANYTHING other than PISS OF LAPD during negotiations to head ANYWHERE OTHER than a STRIKE. I feel it could be VERY CHAOTIC in L.A., soon.

Garcetti is not gonna like being unpopular...will become like Obama. More insulated. Rush into his SUV, more quickly --  without shaking hands...closed doors....he's got Obama behind him. And, Eric ain't gonna deny Obama, anything...their on the same stages, together. Eric is gonna endorse EWarren for President. We got Obama running City Hall, now. Too bad South-Of-The-Border Gangs/Cartel are running Obama.  You project it, from here...

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