Saturday, August 23, 2014

ALL PEOPLE ON U.S. SOIL: YOUR LAND IS AT TERROR-RISK, TODAY/NOW! #OBAMA BLEW IT=U.S.A. Cities at RISK, NOW! Check news & talk show links, below:

ZD's - National Talk Radio Shows - LIVE STREAMS/PODCASTS: ZD makes it easy, with each click going DIRECT TO PLAY/STREAM. No searching and clicking through pop-up home-pages and bad links. 

NEW SOURCES: Drudge Report WND 

RADIO SHOWS: Michael Savage Podcasts & LIVE - Mark Levin Podcasts & LIVE - Rush Limbaugh Podcasts & LIVE - Sean Hannity Podcasts & LIVE -Dennis Prager - Michael Medved 

THIS NEWLY CREATED "Zuma Dogg Radio Podcast" (on YouTube) is a good starting point, to break it down, the way I see it, based on listening to a lot of talk radio and reading a lot of news, on those links. #RANT!!!

HEAT POLITICS IN MOTION (VIDEOS): #ZumaDoggShow on YouTube=#HeatPolitics #REAL, #REALITY VIDEOS vs L.A. City Hall Corruption

iRadioLIVE PODCASTS: Creative Empowerment: Executive Management/ Mind/Spirit/Consciousness

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