Saturday, August 23, 2014

An Open Letter To Newspaper Publishing Industry (HOW TO STAY INNOVATIVE AND SURVIVE/THRIVE)

NOTE: I know the world is burning, as Obama - The Trojan Horse and his plan is working. And, there is plenty about that on this blog. But, here is something for slower news day, Saturday; and life must carry on; though Obama is making it increasingly more difficult. NOW, on to the POP CULTURE side of NEWS:

MEMO: (On newspaper biz innovation to survive/thrive.)

I was telling my pal about my ideas for newsPAPER/online innovation, based on my interpretation/application of Dr. Deming/Ries&Trout (Sun Tzu-based authors on "Marketing Warfare"/"Bottom-Up Marketing"/"22 Immutable Laws of Marketing"/"Positioning") -- and my experience as radio/record biz, "guru," including Research Director of Z100-NY & Billboard Hot 100 Director (overseeing five additional weekly, international trades.)

It's all stuff I had in mind for Bob Pittman (now Clear Channel CEO), who is my fan, from when he was at Time Warner Inc. I sent him a/the memo that he used to create E! Entertainment Television network. It has morphed into something else, now; but I can wholeheartedly assure you; Lil Zuma Dogg's memo to Pittman was the SOLE blueprint used for the network, as launched. They didn't come up with anything, on their own, not in the memo. LOL! 

Anyway, I ended up at Z100/Billboard, anyway -- and Bob was nice, and invited me to his office, to chat, when I moved to NYC. (COOL!) 

Recently, I had (an approximately once-decade), innovation epiphany; as all the ideas for radio -- translated into MOGUL ideas for LATimes/Local City Newspapers (print and online). 

The ideas could be integrated by anyone, including Zuma Dogg, on his own blog. But, L.A. Times/Local Newspapers, could use it's BRAND/POWER/LEVERAGE to forge promotional & advertising promotions/tie-in with Hollywood & social media platforms. 

Radio stations like Clear Channel's KIIS-FM make use of the brand/power/leverage; in ways that allow them to have BIGGEST MUSIC SUPERSTARS ON THE PLANET -- appear for FREE for their "Jingle Ball" concert promotions. 

Also, many social media platforms, that are already HUGE/HUGE, NEW/INNOVATIVE revenue streams (not just facebook/twitter/linkedin) -- that could be integrated at -- and again, ALL ABOUT THE BRAND...and your ability to promote it in something OTHER PEOPLE PAY TO PROMOTE/ADVERTISE THEMSELVES IN=L.A. Times newspaper (still seen by people/thank goodness for Starbucks, even though ten people read the same copy.) 

I know most people focus/talk about any new editorial angles. (Shuffling chairs on Titanic.) But, I see it as, "The L.A. Times/Local City Newspaer LEGACY/HERATIGE Brand," which can and should be much more of a pop culture phenomenon -- and MUST VIEW ATTENTION GETTER. Think American Idol. 

Hit me up with an email (, if you want to further discuss this. I can crank out specifics/link to things, and show you some of the things I mean. Put together blog pages, for a local newspaper/online site to pattern. 

I'm not sure if you know, I actually am also the creator of the non-scripted, hand-held camcorder, street reality show. (Not that, I knew it, or was trying.) I know, you think I'm delusional. Seriously: Then, I ran the show all over Malibu/Hollywood on cable -- and copycat shows starting appearing. My show was on the air BEFORE Jackass, put it that way. 

Also, can show you memos to Mays of Clear Channel, telling him his family biz, better start to do something called, "podcasts." I had to explain what a "podcast," was to the owner of Clear Channel. He passed the memos along to his top people. I have the email chains, still, to show you. It's AMAZING, 

I never got paid a cent, for ANYTHING=ALWAYS RIPPED OFF, for the mostpart. BUT, if I hadn't been, I never would have had my, "Zuma Dogg Experience" (of a lifetime), and you never would have heard of me -- and I never would have met all those thousands of people; all of whom had SOME influence on me. (I'm all about feedback/market research.)

Aka: Zuma Dogg

This article attempts to apply this Zuma Dogg article/memo, "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points. "Well done." - Dr. W. E. Deming :)

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