Monday, August 4, 2014

NEW! Zuma Dogg Reveals Why Obama/Democraps Are ORCHESTRATING/Flooding U.S.A. With Illegal, Border Crashers, ON PURPOSE!

Greetings, L.A. Daily Blog Readers/Los Angeles Constituents from @ZumaDogg

I've been back to more of what I did BEFORE L.A. City Hall politics=MUSIC; but saw, today, the stats on my ole, L.A. Daily Blog is up, for no reason, cause I haven't posted, or tweeted any links to it. I know the DWP pipe burst, sending 20 million gallons of water into the air has some people remembering Uncle Zuma Dogg, for his prophetic warnings that the city's 90 year old pipe, built for a city of MUCH SMALLER SCALE -- could not accommodate (now Mayor) Garcetti's (dumb) Smart Growth, of which is so ELEGANT, it's called, "Elegant Density." OH...SO ELEGANT, as the 20 million gallons of water spewed into the air, flooding the area, and all those cars. Mayor Sam wrote about my predictions -- and today's reality=matching up. BUT, I didn't log on to tweet about that. HERE'S SOMETHING INTERESTING. Ya know how Obama Democraps, for SOME REASON, have ERASED the border -- and are shipping all those unscreened (diseased) kids and gang members into the detention facilities (with swimming pools/gyms/health care/dental/services/etc, on premises), like hip-hop fans through Rose Bowl gates for the Jay-Z/Beyonce concert? WANNA KNOW WHY? It's a VERY SIMPLE/BASIC REASON...but you won't wanna accept that the U.S. is getting THIS fucked up/turned upside down/fundamentally changed forever -- cause of THIS: 

There's this BIG CORPORATION with the MOST MONEY -- and all the hedge funds and mutual funds are invested in them...and they BACK BOTH political parties. They got em ALL locked up, DEMS & REPUBS. They own/operate a bunch of detention facilities, which were FILLED UP with people for marijuana law breaking. Now, that that ain't sending folks to these detention facilities (prisons run by this outside corporation) -- TOO MANY EMPTY BEDS. 

There is a stipulation that unless 90%+ of the bed are filled with criminal bodies -- the FEDERAL GRANT MONEY is cut off/not sent. 

Obama/Bohener can't piss off/let down this money-group/corporation that already backed them...the corporation CANNOT LOSE THAT FEDERAL GRANT that is MANDATED on 90%+ occupancy rate. 

SO, send out the press releases that it's now CLUB U.S.A. Just GET HERE -- and you get the hook up! Gym/Pool/Food/Medical/Housing/Space. The facilities are now converted to these detention centers -- the corporation gets the grant money, and it's all good. 

This shit is gonna backfire in a way that U.S. Military may, or may not be able to handle..if Obama even WANTS it handled. I think he wants to create a situation where he can declare Martial Law -- and he's getting his team/troops in order. 

But hey...we finally got a real cool dude in the White House, as President to represent the Millennial generation -- and unite the world and fix the economy. Too bad he's a lawless psychopath.

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