Wednesday, December 3, 2014 - 12.03.14: @ZumaDogg Rants on Today's News/Politics/Social Issues

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LIVE STREAM UPDATE: 12.04.14 - 12mid update: Here's what all the talk shows will be talking about, today. #Obama's Call for MORE #Police #BodyCams, in light of NY cop NOT being indicted in light of cam footage. Zuma Dogg weighs in=UNAPOLOGETIC!

12/03/14: FBI Probes #LAUSD Superintendent Deasy's iPad deal! KABC radio talk host said he didn't think anything purposefully shady was going on, here. Zuma Dogg called it, "flat out racketeering and Deasy should do time for this." JUNE 2014 ZD VIDEO,& BLOG POST -- presenting the case; which FBI is now probingKNBC News Report on FBI Probe into Deasy's LAUSD Office. THE ZUMA DOGG CITY HALL ERA (2006-2014):

"KINGPIN" (SCRIPT): REAL LIFE POLITICAL CORRUPTION in Hollywood Script Form: Fictional read=based on REAL LIFE L.A./S.F. POLITICAL CORRUPTION (Real stories/names changed to protect the guilty): "Kingpin" (Based on ZD's City Hall/Gadfly/Investigative 2006-2010 Era) "Kingpin" on EZ Read, Single Blog Page.

HISTORY OF CALIFORNIA PENSION FRAUD (Audio): ZD interviews pension insider/exposes all! Most popular ZD talk show. (Also see: "Kingpin!" script.)

I'm SMAT! (Not like they say.) A lot of people, across the world, like THIS. (Still my most read/viewed content): QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY Read/Video: "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" 

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