Saturday, January 10, 2015


FBI, State Dept issue new terror bulletins for Americans...

TIME TO DUST OFF THE #FreeSpeech Routine for deaf, dumb & blind Millennials in America, who can't stop texting, "lol," back and forth to each other...cause TIME TO LOOK UP FROM THE DEVICE and WAKE UP AMERICA. I've been spending this week, listening to EXPERTS who KNOW what is going on, across the world, regarding ISLAMIC MUSLIM TERROR ATTACKS against AMERICANS toward the goal of U.S. heads/targets. THIS COULD ULTIMATELY RESULT IN DISRUPTION OF ONLINE ACCESS TO NETFLIX/Facebook/XBox/Playstation!!! So, IT'S IMPORTANT! PAY ATTENTION HERE (@HeatPolitics on YouTube)  FYI: Obama was born and raised Muslim, by Muslims, and I think this is becoming an issue toward evaluating his heart's intent for the America, it once was, PRE-OBAMA PURPOSEFUL DECONSTRUCTION. (I know, there are good AND bad Muslims. Obama is the BAD kind. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY EMPTY HOT AIR WORDS...EXAMINE WHAT HE HAS DONE [ACTIONS!] -- and RESULTS it has produced.) He is not even willing to say the words, "Islamic Muslim Terrorists." (Most of you don't want to, "go here," and you think I am stretching/conspiratorial -- but, I am not concerned if you like me, or not. Truth is what it is, regardless; so I don't ignore it -- and it is an issue to be considered, in evaluating Obama's agenda. He must be ignored, revolted against, and steamrolled.) GUILTY=TREASON=OBAMA! 

Zuma Dogg is creator/inventor pioneer of the non-scripted/hand-held camera, reality show(comedy/pop culture); then, became the most recognized and respected political activism legend in Los Angeles City history. [#Quotes=earned hard way.] August 2013,Zuma Dogg won a 1st Amendment/Free Speech/Civil Rights FEDERAL lawsuit vs Los Angeles City Council. A victory for all People of the U.S.A.

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