Wednesday, February 11, 2015

CITIZEN'S ALERT!!! #OBAMA/U.S. GOVT QUIETLY GOING ABOUT REGULATING INTERNET, #ObamaCare STYLE: BLOGGERS/POLITICAL SPEECH on NOTICE!!! : : @ZumaDogg Analysis of #BarackObama Authorization for Action vs #ISIS (Didn't this moron ever read Sun-Tzu, "Art of War?") Links: FOX NEWS TV iRadioLIVE Stream=Rush (9a/PCT)-->Savage (12n)-->Levin (3p)-->Hannity (6p)  - WABC Michael Savage Podcasts Michael Savage LIVE – Mark Levin LIVE – Mark Levin Podcasts - Rush Limbaugh Podcasts – Rush Limbaugh LIVE Sean Hannity Podcasts - Sean Hannity LIVE – Zuma Dogg Podcasts - Dennis Prager – Medved - Drudge Report WND - Breitbart HeatPolitics

(MUST LISTEN!) Mark Levin Show interview with FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai to discuss Obama’s proposal to regulate the Internet: CLICK HERE FOR PLAYER

ALSO: - Magazine Edition (02.11.15): #Obama/#ISIS/#IslamicState/#ScottWalker/#Netanyahu/#NYPD/#JonStewart/#BrianWilliams/#TalkRadio/#FoxNews

THINKING ALOUD: Is new message claiming total control of internet/ social media accounts, really U.S. Military? (Audio & Analysis)

L.A.'s, "Brain-seizing/Heroic/Superstar/Legend/Icon" political blogger -- LIVE -- in action, at L.A. City Hall. This first video is the elected official whining about @HeatPolitics' blogger, "Zuma Dogg," who was correct in his whistle-blowing on the issue that the councilmember was fighting for; as he was found GUILTY of fraud -- AND, the City of Los Angeles cancelled this shady policy. 

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