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  2. THINKING ALOUD: Is new message claiming total control of internet/ social media accounts, really U.S. Military? (Audio & Analysis)

  3. can't STAND to be near @Netanyahu=Bibi intimidates the meek, soft, never-in-military, idealist, =envious of BN's manhood.
  4. For most powerful person in the world (at least USED to be, in the past); sure is a weak and wimpy guy, isn't he?
  5. Is new hack-ability claim over ISIS social media REALLY U.S. Military; in effort to degrade ' cyber? 
  6. .@ASavageNation: I'd LOVE to see you move to my hometown, L.A.; but you are NUTZ to expect even WORSE/MORE of what you loath, in S.F.folks.
  7. .@ASavageNation: =scam. I called=screener asked what I wanted to talk about/said="he doesn't wanna talk about that, today."
  8. @JonStewart Did U quit @ComedyCentral DailyShow=cause you may be Liberal (D) but ain't spinning 's elevated, anti-Jewish word/actions?
  9. @HeatPolitics That was my best guess
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  10. GREATEST POLITICAL/GOV'T RELATED videos in HISTORY: Zuma Dogg - Public Comment/On The Record  via @YouTube
  11. Haven't seen/heard any evidence to contrary: say their way or the highway (to hell) and kill you. is their U.S. Spokesperson
  12. Not that I don't think could become "straight" Meet The Press/news anchor; but he'll NEVER be most qualified for it=
  13. Re: couple who disappeared (10 yr old case reopened): Woman looks NEFARIOUSLY CRAZY=She may have burnt folks in a scam.
  14. With news media now openly declaring , "Anti-Israel, Jew hater," did QUIT cause no longer comfortable spinning for Barack?

  15. Quit =Beause as a Jewish American; he's no longer comfortable spinning for 's recent departure into RADICALISM?
  16. Instead of asking for permission to use force, Obama should ask for forgiveness. Obama's retreat in Iraq opened the door for ISIS to rise.
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  17. @HeatPolitics ADVANTAGE: HP publisher called, "More Brilliant than ABreitbart," in ; and is an expert. 
  18. American People will NEVER-EVER elect , now, after SICK/PATHOLOGICAL lies about running under sniper fire. SHE MAY DROP DEAD.
  19. Is silly jackass leaving worthy of the term, "News ALERT?" Am I supposed to pay attention for something actionable?
  20. The Obama administration fears the kind of plain speaking that Netanyahu will deliver to Congress. 
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  21. @StateDeptSpox=PLEASE STOP making America sound like ignorant/naive/dumb/arrogant fools; w the dumb shit that keeps coming outta your mouth.
  22. I am rooting for to LOSE and FAIL in ALL he does; because that helps America/Americans and will increase safety across world.
  23. RETWEET if you agree: we must oppose extremists with nuclear weapons!
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  24. I'm determined to speak before Congress to stop Iran. RETWEET if I have your support.
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  25. I intend to speak in the U.S. Congress because Congress might have an important role on a nuclear deal with Iran.
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  26. We do have a profound disagreement today w/U.S. Admin & P5+1 over the offer that has been made to Iran which threatens Israel's survival.
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  27. I am going to the United States not because I seek a confrontation with the President, but to speak up for very survival of my country.
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  28. Iran is a regime that is openly committed to Israel's destruction.
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  29. Full statement here>>>>>> 
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  30. Will be revealed=pathological liar/in denial. Will enter rehab, then do talk show rounds/book. NEVER NBC news anchor again.
  31. It will come out that is truly and deeply a sick person; like an alcoholic/gambler/sex addict/drug addict; and is in denial.
  32. I just saw Assad on video interview, for first time. HOW COME every other world leader seems stronger/smarter than -The-Sissy?
  33. If she rolls with you KNOW she's shady and corrupt as fuck; and that IS the CASE with . The bitch is shady as hell.
  34. @SeanHannity @MarkLevinShow; Does J Leibowitz-Stewart quit=no longer comfortable spinning for Jew hating/Israel wrecking ?
  35. .@ASavageNation: Bet quit cause no longer comfortable spinning for Jew hating/Israel wrecking .
  36. .@BenShapiro: probably doesn't wanna spin for , anymore. Barack is now accused of trying to destroy Israel/Jews.
  37. @BenShapiro: Let's face it: quit cause no longer comfortable spinning for , now called, "Jew hater," by media.
  38. Don’t disrespect our president, black lawmakers tell Netanyahu: Tell black lawmakers we DO disrespect the FUCK outta Islamic Spokesperson-!
  39. What liberal American Democrat pussy-hearts don't realize=Israeli Jews are NOT emotionally irrational pussies. Democrat hissy fit=bad look
  40. suspends for six months, without pay ($10 mil a year). I'm sure HUGE comeback, after that.
  41. has -of-the-brain. A tragically humiliating syndrome of brain, logic, emotion and mouth. (A malfunction of.)
  42. .@SenatorReid: Let's be honest Harry. Your eye got busted, for life, by a hooker's punch, over money, didn't it? Will truth come out?
  43. Senile, pop-eye says he's running for re-election in 2016. Out of touch fossil, w fucked up eye, from a hooker's punch=will LOSE.
  44. =PRESSURED: Asking for wordwide war authority to go after his fellow of . (But ISIS knows he did all he could to avoid.)
  45. calls Jews murdered by Islamic Terrorists, “a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris” who were “randomly” shot. (, you dumb monkey!)
  46. Now that it is confirmed that American Kayla was killed due to being ISIS hostage, will take revenge w his harshest lecture, to date.
  47. How come news' gay marriage pics=always two women kissing? Couldn't they kiss, BEFORE new law? Would a consummation pic be MORE credible?
  48. .@ASavageNation: pic=White people are SO HAPPY, taking historic photo. They should take a consummation pic.
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  49. "Why give cover to ?" - @GeraldoRivera on 's Anti-U.S/Anti-Christian comments. Even turned on !
  50. REALLY HAS degenerated into one of those OUTRAGEOUSLY over-the-top, wacky, 80's soap operas, like .
  51. on Wednesday expected to formally submit request for authorization for use of military force against the Islamic State terror group.
  52. political camp=OVER-THE-TOP PANICKED over // story affecting her 2016 Presidential run.
  53. .@OReillyFactor: Have man on street, camera guy go to Main St/Santa Monica, near Pico==confused, liberal douchebag GROUND ZERO!
  54. .@oreillyfactor: Bill, be careful. While you are in L.A., the logic and testosterone is being drained from your body. . :)
  55. I literally SEE income gap WIDEN on my / area streets. Since new year=TONSxTONS of new //.
  56. is desperate=masks are off the criminals: sending / to ; to support the ANTI-dEMOCRATIC party!
  57. .@SeanHannity: @GeraldoRivera has vault of the brain. I don't know WHY some people are such weak, irrational, emotional pussies?
  58. =to honor music achievement=wrong of artists/Grammys to use as political platform. Artists don't even sing about politics, anymore.
  59. @SeanHannity @OReillyFactor: Tell / (put it on prompter); FOX doesn't comment on music=DON'T comment on politics.
  60. .@SeanHannity: Why do people to spin bad logic, for ? A MISTAKE is ONE TIME/unintended. He PURPOSEFULLY repeated crafted lie.

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