Friday, April 17, 2015

My Tribute Page for Mayor Sam, Michael Higby (RIP 2015)

Sunday, April 19, 2015=Gathering in Remembrance of #MayorSam, Michael Higby 6-9 PM. Joselito's Restaurant 7308 Foothill Blvd. Tugunga Calif. 91042

Oh, no! Many of you know Michael "Mayor Sam" Higby passed away, this week. He was the creator/inventor/pioneer of L.A. political blogging; was my introduction into political blogging; my former "boss," (when Michael "The Blogfather," invited me to write as a contributor on his Mayor Sam blog); and what an era we had, together; with many of you reading this. Here is my comment on the facebook page (see link below). My LA Daily Blog (this URL) is a spin off blog, of Mayor Sam; so I really wanted to dedicate this page to/for him. Hard not to smile, thinking about him (though I've been cryin' like a mutherfucker, too). A good sign that you were a good dude/spent your time well.

I hope (pretty sure) The Higby Family sees this. I remember meeting y'all, that one time. Michael was my FAVORITE guy. ONLY guy who made me laugh, when I was cranky. He would NEVER let my spirit stay down. (Even when I was trying.) My total muse. I thought LA Times headlines were good, till I read his blog and learned so much. He INVENTED L.A. political blogging. The word, "panache," always comes to mind, when thinking of him. Total classy guy=reflection of The Higby Family. He was my Tony Clifton. And, damn; what history/institutional knowledge was lost. At least he burned rubber to blog it all. He was the glue of the activist/bloggers. (And instigating, boat rocker!) Man, I've never been sadder about losing someone. FYI: Over the weekend, I let him know how much I LOVE his profile pic of Valley Speedway. And, he told me the history, that Mr. Higby liked going in the 70's.

Mayor Sam Facebook Page with blog post & comments.

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