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Zuma Dogg/Venice Beach, CA 
"Legend"/KABC: "Brain-seizing, Superstar, Icon"/LA Weekly: "Stunned and amazed. We've never seen anything like it. Treasure."/LA Times: "Heroic"/AM 870: "Crusader"/L.A. Mayor Garcetti: "Malibu Celebrity"/Malibu Times: "Very funny. We gotta get ZD on the show."/Howard Stern
More Press/Reviews/Comments

"I've seen the future of television comedy. Zuma Dogg is the only American comedian today wearing the comedy-genius mantle once borne by Lenny Bruce, Allen Funt and Andy Kaufman." - Michael Heaton/Syndicated Columnist

ZD invented #RealityTV & #Selfies (because he didn't have a cameraman.) Here's an early (Y2K) show. 

Real Reality TV: Harassed by CBS TV Shoot=LOL!
Zuma Dogg on Howard Stern: ZD fans get upset if this isn't posted. They like to say the lines back aloud, like, "Rocky Horror Picture Show." (The #Debut of Zuma Dogg)

FREE CONCERT! ZD Sings Journey: This L.A. cable TV segment is SO CLASSIC, it nearly pigeonholed ZD as the, "Don't Stop Believing" guy. Ha!

Zuma Dogg - Public Comment Montage 2: Like a UFC highlight reel; of L.A. Council interruptions, cut-offs, ejections AND BANS -- while the ICON had the floor!!! This FEDERAL EXIBIT, resulted in VICTORY=DOGG vs L.A. Shitty Clowncil on 1stAmendment/Free Speech -- AND is a lesson in fraud, waste & abuse (corruption).
ZD vs #Occupy: "Andrew Breitbart, try as he might, could never illustrate the disjointed hilarity of #OccupyLA with the same brilliance, as Zuma Dogg." - LA Weekly
Zuma Dogg on Larry King LIVE? (Like #SNL Sketch)  
Political rants/public comment at L.A. City Clowncil meetings. Playlist of Public Comment videos/related media appearances (Embedded here)
Zuma Dogg vs City Council: This LONGTIME elected CA Democrat was convicted/sentenced for breaking the law, as councilmember; and is now a convicted criminal. We know why he was SO nervous, here, about ZD! (REAL #RealityTV!)
"Zuma Dogg fought the oppressive, L.A. Council meetings presided over by Garcetti, who banned video cameras. Mr. Dogg prevailed against Garcetti’s rules, any now any member of the public may record the meetings, thanks to him." - LA Weekly

"The Coconut Song" (Summer tropical getaway): Bang this=people will walk over; and ask you where to get this. #PeopleTested! The kidz song adults like!

70's/80's/90's Retro-Radio Mixes by ZD

Comin' straight off the #Venice boardwalk. L.A.'s real-life, "Wayne's World" ("legendary, cable TV superstar/icon"); turned free-speech/political advocate/WINNER in FEDERAL court vs City of Los Angeles, when they violated ZD's (and everyone elses') civil rights at Venice Beach boardwalk; and city council meetings, during public comment -- the PEOPLES' time to speak. The ORIGINAL Reality TV show & video blog. #ZumaDogg


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