Thursday, January 7, 2016

ALERT! New L.A. Law Allows LAPD To File Gun Restraining Order=Reminiscent of 30's/40's Era Communism

SLIPPERY SLOPE TIME! New L.A. #GunControl law. Wrapped up under, "family members filing, 'gun violence restraining order,' against family members they have a concern for...LAPD can file them, too. Requires MUCH LESS than current/regular restraining order. The disarmament of Americans, as borders are open and Obama ships in his army of Syrian refugees [who WILL have the guns], has begun. Nothing new=already been done in the 30's/40's in Germany.

Under a new California law, effective January 1, family members can ask a judge for a gun violence restraining order that would force relatives to temporarily give up their firearms for 21 days. The order can be extended for a full year after a hearing involving the relative.
Police can also seek such an order.
"I would much rather see members of families err on the side of seeking the order than second-guessing what they should have done in retrospect," said Feuer. He noted a judge can always deny the request.
Judges may consider a variety of factors in making a determination on a person's firearm, Feuer said, including:
  • a recent threat or act of violence towards themselves or others
  • a pattern of violent acts 
  • a conviction for multiple violent offenses
  • the reckless brandishing of a firearm
  • a history of abusing substances
He said when police seek a court order, seizure of weapons "could happen within an hour."
The Los Angeles Police Department is still working out protocols for responding to court orders won by relatives, Feuer said. 

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