Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Join L.A. Councilman Mike Bonin, Mayor Eric Garcetti, Zuma Dogg & Community for "A Celebration Of Life: Bill Rosendahl" (Sat. April 16 - Mar Vista Park)

The only other other comparison I can think of is=they probably had something like this for Jerry Garcia, in San Francisco: "A Celebration Of Life: Bill Rosendahl" 

This Saturday, April 16th (2pm-6pm), at Mar Vista Park. Think how HAPPY Bill would be, to know all the good spirit in his honor/memory. CD 11 Councilmember Mike Bonin, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti & Zuma Dogg (plus, a lot of other friends of Bill, whom I'm sure we'll know -- AND, the entire community) meeting at Mar Vista Park, this Saturday, April 16th, to celebrate the life of Bill Rosendahl. I'm gonna save the stories/memories for the event; to share with everyone I see there. Bill brings out the best crowds. Gonna be an amazing, uplifiting spirit! Hope to see you there. ZD (

OMG! They threatened to run someone against him, just for this picture! (He KNEW that would happen...this was preceeded with, "Fuck it! I don't care!") 

10 years ago April 04, 2016: Zuma Dogg Meets Bill Rosendahl For First Time (See the historic first meeting/handshake in Bill's office.) Eventually, Mike pulled him outta there! ;) "And who's that guy back there?" - Bill Rosendahl to ZD; who was hiding in back of the room. Bill & ZD had cable shows on Adelphia, at the same time. Bill had a WAY nicer studio, though. I never got over it! :(

KNBC 4/LA REPORT ON ROSENDAHL MEMORIAL: Picture of Bill/ZD they use IS the actual conversation that led to Bill helping ZD with housing (NOSY PHOTOGRAPHER!):

If you missed it=This is GREATx5: Former Mayor gives eulogy. VIDEO

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