Sunday, January 15, 2017

Is the Wayne Spinder Federal lawsuit vs L.A. City Hall actually a First Amendment/Free Speech lawsuit; or just wrongful arrest lawsuit?

LA Times article on Spindler's lawsuit

Wayne Spindler turned in a public comment card (see card) with the drawings you are aware of. A public comment card is not the free speech forum/public comment, itself. It's an administrative function, so the council president can call the speaker to the podium. Recently, council replaced the card system with an electronic kiosk; so cards are not even used, anymore. (Welcome to the 80's! LOL!)

Mr. Spindler was allowed to speak. And he left city hall without being arrested.

He was arrested, another day, while entering city hall, to go to a committee meeting. In other words, the police were waiting for him, with instructions to arrest him; over issuing a (perceived) threat, on the public comment card.

Now, we know Council didn't really feel Wayne was a threat, within city hall. But, they wanted to put him through the arrest process; and hoped he'd get beaten, in jail, perhaps.

This seems to me, like the equivalent of writing down on a piece of paper a threat; and handing it to someone (like a bank teller or even just a random person on the street; even though I do not personally believe it was intended to be a threat, but just offensive.) Then, arresting the person for making a (perceived) threat; and showing a judge the paper with the threat, and asking for a restraining order.

None of this had anything to do with public comment/public forum.

So, therefore; I am not sure it's actually a free speech issue; but a false arrest (or whatever) issue.

UPDATE: Notice the above passage is worded as a question. After further consideration; technically it IS a free speech issue, in sense that anyone can walk up to someone, and hand a peice of paper with drawings and words on it. This just is not a free speech issue; relating to city council's public comment forum. Hope you are not more confused.

My personal feeling are that I am furious and disapointed with Wayne. I believe a once great public asset, as true watchdog, snapped and turned psycho. (He DOES walk around in a KKK hood/and speaks through a hand puppet; but there isn't any show.) It is frustrating that this is being covered as a free speech issue; because it's a way off the chart, anomoly. Not an issue that puts people at free speech risk; unless you want to hand in public comment cars, like the one above; but there aren't even any cards, anymore to write on, with new electronic kiosk. My free speech lawsuit (that Spindler hides behind) was about being cut off and banner for even mentioning a councilmember's name. Not this. 

Since the judge's ruling, relating to my lawsuit; city council is respecting it; most of the time; in a way I am satisfied with. And, it was brought to my attention that Herb Wesson is a nefarious guy; and this sympathizes him; and he becomes the victim; instead of the people of Los Angeles he is screwing, on a day-to-day basis. I think Herb should be in prison, for sure; for what he has done, as council president....but, I don't support the way Spindler is trying to create change.

And, everyone saying, "Yeah, but Wayne has the right to (blah, blah, blah); and city was wrong....keep saying that when city settles with a million dollars, for Spindler, cause it will cost more to litigate. Or, if they do litigate...even more money from YOUR general fund. Lay off a few more workers; and close a library. We'll make up the cost.

Above mentioned ruling: FEDERAL JUDGE RULES Los Angeles City Council Broke U.S. Law in Censorship of The Public. 

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