Thursday, September 18, 2008

Zuma Dogg Early Thursday Update (And ZD Hears Another Mayor Rumor)

ZUMA UPDATE: Just checking in because I have been doing a lot of things "off-blog." Had a great time in Malibu this evening for karaoke. Will post the picture of what happens when the biggest star in Malibu pops in for a surprise performance. If you are up in the 1AM and 2AM hour, turn on the Board of County Stupidvisor Meeting and watch Zev hand Zuma Dogg a big plate of county money as he violates the Brown Act in a blatant and bully way. But ZD had the last word. What is it about ZD and ZY that always causes fireworks to ensue? Oh, I know why...Zev doesn't like to follow the Brown Act.

VIDEO - Bernard Parks Delivers Speech at City Hall: Coming next, Zuma Dogg and Latino supporters of Councilmember Bernard Parks showed up on Wednesday at City Hall to show their support for Parks and Bernard Parks delivers his speech to the crowd. Rick Orlov from Daily News was there and aksed a question, so look for an article, too.

THE NEXT BIG THING: In the past, Zuma Dogg predicted such sensations as rap music on FM radio (they said "NE-VER!") and Nirvana/Pearl Jam/Chili Peppers on Top 40 radio (they said, "NE-VER!"). THEN, in the early '90's, I started to tell the radio industry about the "internet" and "websites" and especially how the record industry and radio trade industries better convert to the net. They all had good reasons why ZD was full of "s" and it would never happen. Picking Apple iPod as a stock, when I still had to explain to each and every indivdual that I was trying to convince, what an iPod even was. And how the whole world was going to convert from CDs. (Welp...I lost a lot of friends on THAT one, who cannot face me, once the stock went from $15 to $200; when I told everyone to sell!) So throughout my life, I've always picked a few trends, every now and then, that really go on to pop! I posted about the problems that the subprime forclosure market would be bringing, when I still had to describe what "subprime loans" were. AND, I issued STRONG ALERTS to all I know that the market would be doing what it is doing (sinking) for the reasons it is sinking. (See blog posts from late last year/early this year. I think I said the market would be at 10,500 in October. So now that I have tried to buy some credibility from those who did not know I was "cursed" like this...what's the "next big thing?"

While the elected government officials continue to go all luxury with Grand Ave Project, LA Live, Neimen-Marcus, and all the fancy restaurants and boutique shops that go along with it all; the biggest free-market economic boom ZD wishes he could invest in/set up would be Farmers Market/Flea Market/Swap Meet/Taco Truck Row/etc to serve the low-income, underground economy that is going to swell in demand as the rich get richer, and everyone else is stuck at the 99 cent store. ZD's BIG idea between now and New Years:

Set up $5.00 Gift Stores all over town, anywhere you have vacant retail shops, empty parking lots on the weekend...ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ZONE:

So from the guy who picked rap on radio when I was told NEVER, picked Apple stock at $15 based on iPod (when you still had to explain it to EVERYONE), told the radio and record industry to embrace the internet (when they wanted to resist it)...IS SAYING THE NEXT BIG ECONOMIC BOOM IS GOING TO BE SERVING THE POPULATION BOOM OF PEOPLE WHO WON'T EVEN BE EATING AT MID LEVEL RESTAURANTS OR SHOPPING AT TARGET. Forget the "Food Gallery" at Santa Monica Place. Where the "Taco Truck" gallery in the vacant parking lot or along a select street and the swap meet style market of everyday goods.

BOTTOM LINE: Zuma Dogg wants to bring the wholesale district from Downtown near City Hall to all over the City and County in the form of swap meet style stores in vacant retail space and parking lots with an emphasis on $5.00 Gift Stores for this holiday shopping season. (1 x $5, 2 x $5, 3 x $5 depending on the items.)

MAYOR TALK: Everyone has an opinion about who will, and will not be running for mayor against Villarailoser in March, but ZD spoke with someone who tells me someone else has already decided to run and will definitely be running. And although they didn't want to tell me who, and I didn't want to try and guess (didn't want to push too hard and creep 'em out); but the first thing I said was, "Well, if they haven't announced yet, they must not need money." The person told me they had their own money. Secondly, I aksed, "If they have their own money, it must be someone who has already been mentioned, already...RIGHT!?!?" (They said it is a name ZD has heard mentioned.) So ZD crossed Magic Johnson off the list, cause everyone says he doesn't need all those problems (he's living too good). People say Rick Caruso is living too good, too and why would he want to blow "the good life?" So by now the rest of you are saying, "Hertzberg." Again, I don't know who the person was talking about, except someone with enough money to do it on their own that we have all heard mentioned. And that it's gonna happen. We'll see how good the source is, I guess, now, won't we?

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