Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Join Zuma Dogg Friday Night In Highland Park for Election Rally & Open Mic/Karaoke Fun!

From ZUMA DOGG: Public Advocate of the Community

My cell phone is down still, so I can't call everyone I wanted to personally, but please try and make it out to ZUMA DOGG Open Mic (Election Rally/Karaoke) at Casa Princesa Cafe in Highland Park. It's Ave 45 and York (4527 York Blvd), just east of Eagle Rock Blvd and York.

Look for the ZUMA DOGG banner!

I'M BEGGING YOU! If you are a friend of ZD over the past two years plus, via email, phone or meetings -- this is the evening to come out for a fun mixer event, that includes a PA system to discuss some of the main activist issues and ballot measures for November 4th -- AND it's a GREAT place for karaoke and music and a chance for everyone to work the room with their info and share info. I just met with the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce at the Casa Princesa where the event will be -- and the owner was pleasantly surprised to see that everyone in the small group already knew "ZD" and was happy he was here to help promote this new business in the area. So especially people in Glassell Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Boyle Heights, El Sereno and Eagle Rock -- REALLY try and stop by...AND everyone else around the City...if you were ever to bust your butt to come out to an event to chill with Zuma Dogg karaoke style...THIS IS THE DAY:

FRIDAY 7pm-Close (you can stop by earlier, though.)Casa Princesa Ave 45 & York near Eagle Rock Blvd. (4527 York Blvd.)Coffee, great panninis and snack food, FREE WI-FI, y'all... Email other people, too. THIS PLACE IS NICE. All the local groups hold their events here, including Huizar and Reyes. There is a $25 a ticket fund raiser here on Saturday Night with Reyes, Garcetti and Huizar's name on the event...


Help Zuma Dogg's Z.A.P. (Zuma's Action Plan) on this "Economic Development Task Force".

[RSVP: Not needed, but if you are most likely planning on attending, send an email to to help with the planning.]

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