Sunday, October 12, 2008

New, Higher Trash Collection Fee Hits Your DWP Utility Bill This Month

$68 Trash Collection Fee Hits YOUR DWP Bill This Month: Oh boy, someone showed me a copy of their DWP utility bill with all the city and county fees. YIKES!!! And I saw the new $68 "solid waste removal" fee. I say that should go towards removing the mayor from the third floor of City Hall. That's a tripling in two years...and to see it on the bill, with all that other stuff...DOUBLE YIKES!!! Anyway, a whole bunch of people won't be able to pay their jacked up bills, anyway, so the city ain't gonna get the money anyway. It's gonna be on big mess.

ZD'S ECONOMY PREDICTION: Here's what's next. We find out it's much worse than we expected, everything collapses just after the U.S. buys all the banks stocks (controlled collapse), and the World Bank assumes all U.S. world-wide debt and becomes the proud new owner of the Untied States of America. Washington will still be the operators, but not the owners. MORE TO COME...

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