Friday, October 3, 2008

Zuma Dogg To Appear At Eagle Rock Music Fest SATURDAY in CD 14!

I heard the only way the event could get council approval is if Councilmember Jose Huizar's name appeared at the top of all promotional materials, like this poster for THE EAGLE ROCK MUSIC FEST this Saturday evening in Eagle Rock. It's a great community event with thousands of people showing up to hear local bands.


JUST ANNOUNCED: CD 14's own, MC ZUMA DOGG will be appearing at the event, greeting the public, taking pictures and spreading the "warm and fuzzy" to help when I run for Mayor in March.

SO TO ALL MY HONORARY "DOCALLOS" IN CD 14, emailing me all the best places to go in town...I figured tomorrow would be a great opportunity for all my blog amigos to show up and chit chat...and all the other masses of people who know ZD from radio and TV appearances can have a chance to meet the DOGG LIVE and in person -- and Huizar will benefit by having his event become much more exciting for everyone, since I'll be there. (And oh yeah, Huizar will probably be there, too. Hanging out in some roped off V.I.P area.)


It's the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts!!! SO WHY IS HUIZAR'S NAME AT THE TOP OF THE POSTER LIKE HE'S BILL GRAHAM. Maybe he can start having his name flashed on the Staple Center Billboard before every act coming to town. (I heard he had to concede that his picture could not be included on the poster.)

Anyway, sounds like fun...come on by!

NOTE: ZD teases the hell out of Huizar on this post, cause he deserves it for all the other stuff he doesn't do that makes old ladies cry...but to the first 2 comments on this thread (from his office, obviously...cause no one else would care)...I was seriously just busting chops in a fun way...but yes, I know that makes Weezy blow a gasket. GOOD! Now City Council knows how ZD and all the public comment speakers feel every time we get interrupted, when we don't deserve to. BUT PLEASE DON'T GIVE RED SPOT CREDIT FOR THIS!!! ZD CAME UP WITH THIS STUFF ALL ON HIS OWN. And I know Huizar thinks he gets more attention that the other CMs...well wait until you see ZD's photos of "The Dennis Zine CRA Community Center." (How about the City of Los Angeles Community Center?)

MEANWHILE...I can get up there and say these guys are corrupt, region-destroying, racketeering, spineless, inept, non-leaders and no one cares...but don't make fun of their poster, or they'll really get cranky. ("Boo-hoo-hoo...Zuma Dogg made fun of me on his blog.")

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