Monday, November 10, 2008

Los Angeles Citizens Get A Lucky Break: City Council Is Off All This Week!

Fraud, waste and abuse gets a vacation, this week, as Los Angeles' most shady and notrious gang, Los Angeles City Council, is off this week as they attend some conference somewhere far, far away from a quorum.

From Zuma's LA Daily Blog

So a lot of money will be saved and a lot of money won't be wasted! And the integrity of the community will have an extra week of shelf-life, since no ordinances like Ed Reyes' four-story affordable housing/mixed-use complex he is trying to cram inside the Goldline parking lot in Highland Park. (LOL!)

And no one will be around to approve all those "special event fee" waivers that drain the general fund and bolster their homies' non-profit organizations.

And no one will be able to triple the trash collection fees again, even though they just QUADRUPLED the parking meter rates in Highland Park area (from twenty-five cents and hour to ONE DOLLAR an hour). NOT going to be very good for the local businesses in this low-income community, you greedy, money-wasting a-holes!

I hope the pilot who flew Lynyrd Skynyrd is the same pilot that is flying you to your stupid little conference.

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