Thursday, November 20, 2008

Zuma Dogg, Candidate For L.A. Mayor UPDATE:

THANKS DOUG!: As you know, Doug Mcintyre of 790-KABC radio has triggered several early-morning ZD "cranky-attacks" when he talks about the mayoral election and complains that LA Times doesn't mention Walter Moore; meanwhile Doug doesn't mention that Zuma Dogg is running. I've tried to explain how it isn't "ZD vs Walter", but "ZD & Walter & Everyone Else vs Antonio". SO IT WAS GREAT TO HEAR Doug this morning mention Walter...AND David Hernandez and Zuma Dogg. Doug still LEADS with Walter being the one he supports...BUT AT LEAST TAGGED IT WITH ZD AND HERNANDEZ IS ALSO RUNNING. AND, Doug ran down the "All the other candidates vs Antonio" scenario. (The goal is for all the OTHER candidates to get 50% of the vote to prevent Antonio from getting the 51% he needs for a win.) AND..."Zuma Dogg For Mayor" is SUPPOSED to be an opportunity for the talk show hosts to have some fun with Zuma Dogg while raising awareness on the issues and how the City is under the attack of corrupt politicians at City Hall. But for now, thanks for mentioning the other guys, too, Doug!

ZUMA DOGG SIGNATURE UPDATE: Wednesday was another day of ZD pounding pavement and gathering signatures throughout the City. Have about 375-400. (Not all will verify, but it's a good amount for this date, so far.) Got a lot of signatures at City Hall in the morning. Then headed up Sunset Blvd and hopped out of the car when I would see a crowd of people sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe. (Sunset Junction area is good!) THEN, it was off the the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council for more signatures. I will be shooting for the full 1000 you can submit (to find 500 qualifiers). The good news, is I see I can get people signed up as long as I keep moving 10 hours a day. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need someone to PayPal $10 or $15 today, cause I need gas and oil to carry on. BUT I FEEL GOOD THAT I WILL EASILY GET THE 1000 BEFORE THE DECEMBER 3rd DEADLINE AT THIS POINT! So please PayPal if you can, cause it looks like it will be worth it if you want to see "ZUMA DOGG" on the ballot.

CITY COUNCIL MEETING UPDATE: What a meeting yesterday over the Elelephants and the L.A. Zoo. One thing was clear...Cardenas obviously wants the sancutary in HIS DISTRICT. And LaBong obviously wants the money to stay in HIS district. I think it was probably the LOOOOOOOONGEST discussion and public debate that I have seen inside Council chambers. I have NEVER seen Tom LaBong get so fired up and passionate over something. I have NEVER seen so many public comments speakers. Garcetti said it was the most amount of cards he remembers in a long time. I wish the People of Los Angeles would spend a day like this on the schools or homeless or affordable housing!

MORE TO COME: A lot of stuff is being left un-blogged, as I'm out all day and evening getting signatures. I'll try to catch up.

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