Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Zuma Dogg Gathers Another 70 Signatures Today

CITY COUNCIL RETURNS: After a week off, LA City Council returned, and there were a lot of important items on the agenda. Try and catch a replay on TV 35, or go to the LACity.org website and do a search for "Our Next Speaker Is Zuma-Dogg" under the Council meetings on demand.

CRA MONEY (FOR BLIGHT) GOING TO LEGAL FUND FOR SHADY PROJECT: On today's agenda was another one of those shady CRA (Community Robbing A-holes) "mixed-use" projects. First, let me remind you the CRA money is supposed to be used to "Redevelop" (hence the "R") the "Community" (hence the "C"). But you should call it the LDA: "L" for "Legal" and "D" for "Defense." Cause that's what (who knows how much of) the $3.6 million dollars on today's agenda will be used for. You see, the shady project (in Garcetti's district, of course) is a giant skyscraper in one of those "un-skyscraper" residential areas. A MASSIVE VIOLATION! And of course the CRA is being sued, due to the massive zoning violation. So let's funnel $3.6 to help pay for the legal defense. (THAT'S NOT BLIGHT Y'ALL!!!)

ZUMA DOGG GATHERS ANOTHER 70 SIGNATURES TODAY: Thanks so much to everyone who signed my petition Downtown today, around the City Hall area...especially in the food court area. BUT SUPER-SPECIAL THANKS to everyone in SILVERLAKE on Sunset Blvd in the Sunset Junction area. Almost everyone ZD approached on the sidewalk in front of the coffee shops and cafes were not only all registered in the City of L.A., but almost ALL were willing to sign a petition for someone wanting to run for mayor. (The sheer democratic process.) And what ZD found MOST interesting, is although these people were all willing to sign. 

ZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR SIGNATURE TOTAL: About 350...but they say you need about 1000 to get 500 good qualifying signatures. But the good news is, I see I can get these signatures myself, even though it's the "hard way."

WHAT'S WRONG WITH WALTER MOORE?: I understand that Walter Moore has sent out an email to his supporters informing them that he is not willing to take time off from his work to gather signatures; and OF COURSE doesn't want to cancel his out of state Thanksgiving vacation to get the signatures. So he is trying to put pressure on his supporters to do it for him. Guess he's too good to get out there with the real people of the City. He HAS heard about these people, and has read about them in his Ivy League textbooks. Walter says he's in a different league than Zuma Dogg. He is right. I'm in the league of someone who woke up, put my last three dollars in the gas tank to drive down to the council meeting and sat through the meeting to get my daily allotment of public comment time (including agenda items)...THEN walked all over the City trying to get MY OWN signatures, because I'm absolutely panic-stricken that I may not get them. But after getting 70 today, I feel a lot better that I'll be able to 'em.  Walter just doesn't get that saying he refuses to take time off work or cancel his vacation plans to get signatures for HIS OWN CAMPAIGN will rub his own supporters the wrong way. WILL SOMEONE TELL WALTER MOORE HE IS RUNNING FOR MAYOR, NOT KING. 

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