Monday, December 22, 2008

Good things ahead for 790-KABC/Los Angeles As David G. Hall Becomes Director of Operations

One of my biggest frustrations with local talk radio stations like 790 KABC is when local talk show hosts spend time talking about national issues, after we just sat through several hours of nationally syndicated programming (without ANY local issues being discussed.) And a couple talk show hosts and their producers are fully aware that Zuma Dogg feels this way, as I will call on the phone to tell them.

I THINK GOOD NEWS IS ON THE WAY (even though it will be mostly bad news being delivered)!

AM 790-KABC/Los Angeles has hired David G. Hall as the new Director of Operations. David was the guy who turned KFI into the powerhouse that it is. David may, or may not, realize that he knows Zuma Dogg. David knows Zuma Dogg from his radio days when he was going by the name DJ radio monikor "Dave Elliott."

Zuma Dogg was writing a bunch of articles on "marketing strategy" for the radio industry. And Hall was quick to pick up the phone and say how much he liked the stuff I was writing, and he invited me down to the station, and we chatted. It was about the first week I moved to Los Angeles.

Expect David to REALLY boost up the local news department and expect MUCH MORE City Hall coverage. And overall, as one of the biggest AM talk radio fans/listeners in the city, I'm stoked David is taking over KABC.

I love Doug McIntyre's show, but I wonder if David Hall will be comfortable tuning in to a round-the-clock infomercial for Wacko Walter's niche campaign?

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