Sunday, December 14, 2008

NEW: The "Zuma Dogg For Mayor" Campaign T-SHIRT & Campaign Sign

The Official "ZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR" T-Shirts are in, and each one is custom made!

Two styles of shirts and two styles of logo:  

* Short sleeve or long sleeve
* Big logo across front or small logo in upper corner.

Specify short or long sleeve; and big or small logo -- PLUS YOUR SHIRT SIZE.

ZUMA DOGG FOR MAYOR Campaign sign: 
$10.00 per 20 signs. (Approx. 7 inches x 22 inches) Each one custom made by ZD. This is a picture taken at an art gallery that featured the sign as a "work of art" (thank you) tonight in NoHo. So although ZD hand makes each sign out of lack of budget, people seem to like them, this way. They are made out of light cardboard. You can put them in windows, in your car, tape them somewhere. PayPal $10.00 for 20 signs. You can probably sell them on eBay for $10.00 EACH, but I hope you hang them up and give them to your friends, instead. I can mail them to you, but add an extra five dollars per order. Or, I can meet you at City Hall with them, or drop them off to you somewhere in the City, too.

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