Monday, March 9, 2009

NOTE: New Zuma Dogg Blog Posts Will Appear at

March marks the three year anniversary of Zuma Dogg at City Hall and the one year anniversary of this LA Daily Blog.

With the election now behind us, and Villaraigosa re-elected, I want to move my blogging to, and let this blog stand as an archive of a golden era in my life, where I dedicated as much of myself as possible to documenting all the ways Villaraiogosa and L.A. City Council are sticking it to you through fraud, waste and abuse.

The focus of this blog has been very narrow by design and I don't want to change that. But I want to expand and blog about things from a more personal nature. This blog was for the community to blog their issues as brought to me during the meetings, phone and emails.

Now, I want to get back to a little more balance in my blogging, because I have a lot more to say and offer to the community than just the problems at City Hall. So now is a good time to encorporate the past 20 years of my life into my blogging, instead of just three.

This LA Daily Blog will be my personal archive for this era in which I will refer back to for upcoming posts...and I now think of this blog as my KISS "ALIVE" LP.

So the new album (KISS "ALIVE II") will be blogged at

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