Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reader Weighs In on The Problem With Villaraigosa's Office

tViewer mail in response to "The Problem With Villaraigosa's Office"


Whoa - you get excellent information man. That is exactly what it is like in his office.If the Mayor knew half of the stuff that was going on, he would be outraged. People who work for feed him just enough information so that he thinks things are okay when they aren't. Then he is genuinely surprised that people are mad at him or unhappy with his work. That Robin Kramer protects him like a mom protecting a little cub. But most people don't think that he would really appreciate being "protected" that much.Too bad he can't get rid of her, hire Jimmy to take her place and then hire someone to replace Jimmy. Someone who will look him in the eye and tell him what the constituents are really feeling rather than how the special interests or lobbyists are feeling. That way he could start out his next 4 years with a fresh prospective on how things really are.

[This blog post inspired and motivated by ethics violator and small "d" dumbass, Los Angeles City Council President Eric "Garshady" Garcetti. (You know, Gil's son.) Someone needs to sit that boy down and teach him about the Brown Act, First Amendment and some ETHICS! And OBAMA won't TOUCH him based what could be coming down the pike in Federal Court!]

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