Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sponsor Zuma's City Hall Meeting For Friday (in Van Nuys)

Zuma Dogg would like to keep faith alive, and keep the streak of "perfect attendance" at the Council meetings this year alive, by showing up at Van Nuys City Hall for the once-monthly Los Angeles City Council meeting on Friday Morning (4/3/09).

I'm FUMING hot and want to BLAST their ass as they need blasting as never before, because I'm still yet to see one single leader stand up and address the LACERS (city pension and retirement fund) portfolio that just lost $7 BILLION this past year -- AND WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE...AS IN, CAN ONE COUNCIL MEMBER STAND UP AND EXPRESS ONE IDEA THAT CAN SAVE THE CITY ONE PENNY?!?!? And who is going to file a motion to look into the investments LACERS was into, because Zuma Dogg feels they were not "investment grade" and Council should be asking some questions that Zuma Dogg wants to present, before the public and on the record. Questions like, "How did the money mangers get the City accounts? Did they contribute to Villaragiosa? How come if you do a Google search for "Zuma-Dogg LACERS" you will see my blog warnings about LACERS investments in shady real estate and Wall Street deals -- then MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA'S OFFICE DID NOTHING TO LOOK INTO IT. (If Zuma Dogg knew, why didn't they?) How much "bonus money" did the portfolio managers that lost the $7 Billion in one year walk away with. AND, was the mayor twisting LACERS arm and pushing them into real estate investments (of his connected cronies) that he knew wasn't "investment grade?" These are some of the questions I would like to ask on the record, Friday morning, at Van Nuys on the record and on TV 35. That, plus whatever happens to be on the agenda that needs some "Zuma Dogg" treatment. Right now, I got .05 cents on my PayPal. If I have $20 in the morning when I wake up, I'll roll out to Van Nuys. If not, I'll take a needed break from those shadifests. It takes a lot out of you by the end of the meeting. after a year of them.

Click here for PayPal link.

NOTE TO ZD FRIENDS AND CONCERNED SUPPORTERS: You know the bitter backstory of Zuma Dogg. (A lot of broken Hollywood promises based on good intentions.) Welp, I got a return call today from the one and only Hollywood agent type that I contacted recently to take a re-look at some of the new Zuma Dogg footage since this whole "mayoral campaign era."
He is an "original" ZD fan from SEVEN years ago, who had me into his office back then, so I wanted him to see some of the new footage from the "City Hall" era (including clean shaven mayoral campaign footage, that I knew he would get a kick out of, at least.)

So the point is, he called me back and is going to throw a little ZD pitch to his company at the next meeting. But it's such a big company, they don't even usually deal with you until you are ALREADY a household name in Hollywood. And if nothing else, these agents are looking for already produced packages to pitch. And the conversation was almost WAY too short, and ZD had to jump in (taking over from the more humble/mellow/soft sell Dave) to jump-start the situation.

He explained how they are looking for produced packages (shows) and wondered aloud, "how the company could make money off of it?" Adding how you have to get the cameras, mics and lights with producers...AND THEN, I got the, "ZD, it's great to talk to you, and I wanted to say, 'hello,' BUT..".

(Oh no...the conversation was on life-support as he was about to hang up.)

SO THEN, I had to jump into the "I'm a F*CKING LEGENDARY ICON...and if you do a Google search, you'll get an idea..."...and all that "hard sell" stuff. Adding, "It's not about finding the cameras, mic and lights...It about finding someone who can do what I do in front of the cameras...."

AND, it worked...cause he cut me off and said, "Alright...stop selling me, I get it. So what kind of idea did you have for a show?" And we started to talk about a concept/format.

So he's at least gonna show 'em the YouTubes and press I send over, hopefully next week, and maybe they'll take that super long-shot to take their own cameras, sound and mic out for a test ride with ZD.

So the only reason I mention it, is maybe some of the supporters out there, who are on the "if you ever get a break, you better pay me back" list...MAY have a shot of some triumphantness...BUT IT WILL BE VERY FAR DOWN THE LINE, and even rejection will take a while.

So, it IS an AWESOME bit of the type of "faith" I have been mentioning recently. (And this evening is about to be my worst, most miserable evening ever, and I hope I can hang in there in the meantime.) So I wanted to pass it along to those who are hoping for some kinda little news in this area. And again, I think I'm the greatest improv entertainer alive...but I want my friends to understand, the reason it's such an awesome opportunity is cause it's a long shot -- so don't get too excited.

But it feels great to be talking to the "A" list Hollywood crowd dangling bananas in front of me again. And HE's doing me a favor going out on a limb for me, too. Cause remember people, this Hollywood agent had me in his office SEVEN YEARS AGO -- and thought I was the greatest, THEN. (9/11 happened the morning of my big meeting with the whole company -- and it never re-materialized after that.) So I think it's cause the guy really likes "Zuma Dogg" that he is walking my package into a meeting I should never even be discussed at. So at least there's that.

I probably shouldn't say anything, cause if it fades away, the haters will have fun, but I don't care about that part. I just wanted to let people who are concerned about me to feel a little lighter.

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