Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zuma Dogg EVENING Twitter Updates

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Alright, y'all...another bitter, miserable, uncomfortable day that started at 5am on less than four hours sleep outside...BUT now that I have a working laptop, take a look at the blog output today, and that's what could be EVERYDAY! But I'd be one day broker, but for today at least I caught up and cranked out a bunch of stuff. Here's the Twitter part of the day:

Zuma Dogg EVENING Twitter Updates

  1. This is the most amount of time I have been awake during a 72 hour period. I feel like Keith Richards. No progress on anything but sidewalk.
  2. Now that there's an arrest in Los Angeles pension fund fraud, just think if this guy starts singing! MORE TO COME.
  3. L.A.'s SEC pension investigation widening in kickback scandal. Ummm, who's your boy that's been calling this all along? http://LADailyBlog
  4. NY State Pension Adviser Charged: A top consultant was charged with a fraud-related felony by State Attorney General Cuomo. HOW ABOUT L.A.?
  5. I'm writing a book like Dale Carnegie's. It's called, "How to Alienate Friends & Drive Away People."
  6. Plus, the best part, I almost forgot...You get slap happy and everything is funny. Like I said, extreme sleep deprivation is like Nitrous O.
  7. Then every little noise and every little thing really, really annoys you and you know how O.J. feels...LOOK OUT!
  8. Next level of sleep deprivation: Your eyes start to burn ; you can feel the blood racing through your system; AND time drags and slows down.
  9. At this level of sleep deprivation, basic functions become more difficult and stressful; like walking. Better not operate heavy machinery.
  10. I needed to take a nap at 9am this morning but still haven't. Have NEVER been this sleep deprived & dizzy IN MY LIFE! Feels like whippets.
  11. I have a feeling Villaraigosa's City Hall is going to come tumbling down like Humpty Dumpty.Even Phil Collins can feel it coming in the air.
  12. CALANDER CONFLICT: Jack Weiss To Appear at City Attorney Debate During Rick Caruso Fundraiser. (Where DO you Go?)
  13. Still have that up-close video of Villar's Town Hall budget meeting but why take time posting? I'll waste my time and still sleep on cement.
  14. CALLER #1 WINS!: If you're in Venice, Santa M., West L.A. area right now, and want to have lunch with ZD, call 213-785-7272. You buy, I eat!
Zuma Dogg MORNING Twitter Updates: (Part 1)

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