Thursday, April 30, 2009

Zuma Dogg Morning TWITTER Updates: A lot of blogging this morning!

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First of all, I have a wi-fi computer that is working today (as opposed to having to wait until 10am for only two hours of computer time at the library) -- AND, I have been up since 5am stuck, anyway: So may as well catch up on blogging all ways Villaraiogsa and City Council are destroying the city in favor of their personal bank account, and make you aware of some things that local AM talk radio REFUSE to address in favor of wall to wall NATIONAL talk during the local timeslots.

AM talk show hosts just LOVE to hear themselves sound JUST LIKE the people they are watching on national cable TV and radio shows. It's like TALK SHOW KARAOKE!

Local AM Radio Host: "Hey! Listen to me, today...I should have my OWN nationally syndicated talk show. I'M just as good as THOSE guys!"

And you are! But try being that good on local stuff that they ARE NOT covering. ISN'T THAT ALL YOU COMPLAINED ABOUT DURING THE LAST ELECTION?? Now you have fallen into the same trap, then will complain when you don't like the results, you lazy copycats.

Here's some stuff on my mind this morning:

CALLER #1 WINS!: If you're in Venice, Santa M., West L.A. area right now, and want to have lunch with ZD, call 213-785-7272. You buy, I eat!
  1. Beware Mayor Villaraigosa's BUDGET: It is based on union "yes" votes when they will be "no" and is counting on money that WILL NOT be there.
  2. If L.A. City lost $7 BILLION in PENSION investments, wonder HOW MUCH OF THE BOND MONEY THEY INVESTED has been lost, too? A: A HELL OF A LOT!
  3. FIRST, two Villaraigosa-appointed PENSION managers being investigated by SEC: NOW one RESIGNS in City Attorney Campaign Fundraising scandal.
  4. TOP L.A. ISSUE: City faces bankruptcy over $7 Billion Wall Street pension loss, now being investigated by SEC. ANYTHING BIGGER THAN $7 BIL?
  5. LA Weekly story unravels Villaraigosa's claim that L.A. is safe as it's been since 50's. Not that anyone believed it.
  6. It's 9am: I need to find a place to take a nap. I can't function under this sleep deprivation. The only thing I can do is sit here and type.
  7. Opps! Just tuned into McIntyre's KABC 9AM hour that is supposed to be the "LOCAL" hour and they were talking about Obama's press secretary.
  8. #1 TRAFFIC FIX: L.A. MUST address the conflict of pedestrians sharing same green light with autos:Cannot have both lanes frozen for 1 person
  9. L.A.'s new "billboard blight" is a LOW-TECH problem, not DIGITAL. City Council needs to take action, NOW. See photo:
  10. Villaraigosa's Scheme to Sell-off PARKING METER revenues IS SINGLE BIGGEST BONEHEAD MOVE OF HIS TERM (of many)! See
  11. STARBUCKS revenue down 77% now RAISING prices on "complicated" drinks (ones people go there for). Guess they didn't check economy textbooks.
  12. However Obama decides to handle the illness formerly known as SWINE FLU, the most important thing to consider: DON'T HURT ANYONE'S FEELINGS!
  13. Oh F*CK! It's morning already. I'm already in trouble. I'm not budgeted to be awake in the 5am hour. Not going to turn on KABC radio today!
  14. I thought California was supposed to be WARM this time of year. It used to be when I slept inside. Now that I sleep OUTSIDE it's FREEZING!
  15. VIDEO of Zuma Dogg PUBLIC COMMENT from this week's Los Angeles City Council meeting now posted at
  16. I AM TOO DUMB! I spent too much money on computers & council meetings this week and now am 100% penniless while sleeping on the street.OUCH

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