Monday, April 20, 2009


Had to come up with a new word for this one: "Bamboozlicious!" -ZD

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, you really gotta watch ANYTHING you say while walking on the streets around City Hall and while sitting at the outdoor cafes and all kinds of places you never think Zuma Dogg (or people who like to email him things) will be listening. The best exclusive stuff is always uncovered in the most coincidental and unplanned ways, just as in comedy where the funniest stuff can NEVER be planned. But here's the situation:

Zuma Dogg (publisher, writer has learned that union leaders across the city have agreed to "taken" the deal that Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villlaraiogsa presented today as part of his budget proposal. The deal calls for a 10% payroll reduction in most city departments (INCLUDING POLICE AND FIRE); along with early retirement, an unpaid work hour per week and other "sacrifices."

But since this is a new contract, the membership has to vote to ratify it. And that is a long process expected to take about two months. It's gonna be too late!

So, Los Angeles City Council is going to pass the budget based on acceptance of the pay cuts, furloughs and all -- upfront, based on a 'yes' vote from the unions.

So the City of Los Angeles will be voting on contracts based on a deal that have not been approved yet by union members!!!

So three to four weeks after the budget is passed if the union members vote "no" -- the city has to start all over again, from scratch!!!

That means the first budget was just a bamboozler!!!

STRATEGY CORNER: This puts the union members and leadership in a very tough position because if they don't vote yes, your union brothers and sisters will be getting fired. You could vote "no" and be fired the next week, yourself, because you said no. Because you didn't want to make only 90% of what you were making, so now you could be making nothing. And regarding his run for governor, if the union members end up voting "no" (even though the leaders at the top have accepted the deal to put to a vote before members), the mayor can say, "Hey, I presented a workable budget, but the unions said, "No." THEN, Villaraigosa will look good for cutting a fat, overly generous, bureaucratic payroll like those tea party people were complaining about!

So bookmark this story and save it for when other news media outlets say the same thing, after it happens. And thank you to the insiders who sit through these meetings as staffers and activists who bring this stuff to my attention while I am getting away from it all at the top of a mountain in Malibu, which is where you can find me, where the streets have no name...ah, ha! Zuma Dogg, Where The Streets Have No Name Rd. That's my NEW voter registration address!.

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