Monday, April 27, 2009

Zuma Dogg's Day on Twitter (Tweets for 4/27/09)

Twitter updates from Zuma Dogg (4/27/09)
  1. I KNOW Doug McIntyre will talk about SEC investigation of Villaraigosa-appointed Wall St pension investors on Tues. How can he NOT???
  2. I wonder why Kevin James is giving Mayor Villargiosa a pass on the SEC Wall Street pension investigation? Too busy w NATIONAL talk. Too bad.
  3. City Attorney BREAKING NEWS: Picked myself up off the ground today (literally) and blogged a bunch of new stuff at
  4. @nbc Check out my real-life YouTube spoof of "Parks & Recreation" LIVE from "The Pit."
  5. @spencerpratt tell that B.S. shuffler Mark Ford I DIDN'T say, "Hello." LOL!
  6. @spencerpratt Bro, remember me? I remember you walking around with that video camera in Malibu: What you been up to since then? Just kidding
  7. Gonna write my biopic now. It's called, "Bitter, Alone, Hungry and Uncomfortable: The Zuma Dogg Story."
  8. My blog could be #500 or #5, I can break every big story and expose all the corruption...I'll still be hungry and sleeping on the sidewalk.
  9. I've said all there is to say, anyway. It's ALL been blogged for the record. Now, the "Zuma Dogg Food Drive For Zuma Dogg" is under way.
  10. I'm just going to pass out right here! Feels good to be this tired. It almost feels like nitrous oxide. Noontime deleriousness: It's a BLAST
  11. I've been trying to hang in there today, but with no sleep, I'M DONE! Gotta just take a nap on the streets. I'm DEFINITELY sinking TOO fast.
  12. Why Council Investigation? SEC is looking into Villaraigosa's pension investors and "pay to play" connections. Watch NATIONAL news for this!
  13. ZD DEMANDS Council investigates the handling of City pension money! The City lost $7 BIL on Wall St and is on the hook for the money. SHADY!
  14. Here's a new video I posted that ties into the NBC TV show "Parks and Recreation." http://ladailyblog.blogspot... (Scroll Down for Video)
  15. Thanks for sending my into the Top 5 STATEWIDE ranker this week! The other 4 blogs were NOT even L.A. blogs. Hell Yea
  16. @michaellinder I'm not at City Hall today. You can call me though. My phone # is posted on my blog,
  17. michaellinder@zumadogg Are you at City Hall now? Let's talk pensions.
  18. I bet NATIONAL news picks up SEC investigation into Villaraiogsa-appointee PENSION investments on Wall Street before LOCAL L.A. media does.
  19. McIntyre is talking about Barbie dolls; mens underwear but still NOTHING on investigation into Villar appointees. After all HIS complaining?
  20. It's 8am and I have to get some sleep somewhere but the grass at park is still wet. My eyes burn. I'm dizzy. Please don't call me today.

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