Monday, April 27, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Sheriff Lee Baca Dumps Jack Weiss,

[Pictured: City Councilmember Jackass Weiss gets his ASS handed to him by City Attorney candidate Carmen Trutanich. Guess Weissass got a little too desperate.]

Ummm...another Zuma Dogg/LA Daily Blog, NEWS before it happens item. Remember THIS from yesterday

Monday May Be An Interesting Day Regarding The City Attorney Election

Watch this blog in case any interesting information comes in regarding the Los Angeles City Attorney run-off election this May 19, 2009. Might not be such a good day for Jack "Jackass" Weiss. Hope he doesn't start losing endorsements over the way Jack is running his campaign. - April 26, 2009


In the Los Angeles City Attorney primary election (last March 3rd), Sherrif Lee Baca endorsed Jack Weiss, early on, before Carmen "Nuch" Trutanich announced he was running.

However, it is said that Baca was one of the people (along with District Attorney Steve Cooley) who actually recruited (convinced) Trutanich to throw his hat in the ring as a City Attorney candidate, to run AGAINST Jack Weiss.

So through the primary, Weiss had Baca's (early) endorsement on his website, and kept it up, even though Baca was endorsing Trutanich in the media. (So Baca pused Trutanich, but allowed his early endorsement of Weiss (before "Nuch" announced he was running) to remain.

HOWEVER, after Jackass Weiss released a negative TV commercial about "Nuch" all of that has changed, and now Sheriff Baca feels compelled to set the record straight and fully yank any hint of a Weiss endorsement.

Baca said today, “I can no longer remain silent about the reckless disregard for the truth that Jack Weiss has brought to this race. Mr. Weiss’s latest television commercial is desperate and an insult to the principles of the American legal system, our Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Obviously, Mr. Weiss doesn’t respect the truth or our justice system that guarantees a fair trial for everyone. The radical portrayal in his twisted commercial against Mr. Trutanich undermines public trust for the fairness and integrity required by our courts. The lawyers in the City Attorney’s office need a leader who will honor all facets of the justice system.”

LOOK HOW THIS SH*T BACKFIRED, WEISS-ASS CAMPAIGN LOSERS. (Remember Weiss is backed by Villaraigosa and Weiss' campaign crew is the same as Antonio's.)

Here's something else I REALLY don't like: (From Daily News)

Baca spokesman Steve Whitmore said, "The sheriff talked with Mr. Weiss last week to tell him of his concerns (of going 'negative')," Whitmore said. "Then he (Baca) saw the commercials of this past weekend and decided to pull his support." [ZD says, Look, already Weiss is a loose cannon, not caring AT ALL of the SHERIFF's request and flagrantly going against him. NOT the way you work together toward public safety, Jackass.]

LA Times reports that Bill Carter, former chief of environmental crimes for the U.S. attorney's office's Central District, supervised Weiss when the councilman was a federal prosecutor but is backing Trutanich for city attorney. Carter said Weiss was making "a ludicrous argument" by painting Trutanich with the crimes of some of his clients. "Anyone who understands our legal system understands the important role that attorneys play in providing assistance to clients," he said.

Weiss' ads allege that Trutanich "represented some of the worst polluters in Los Angeles, which is not true. And the reason I know it's not true, I've personally prosecuted some of the largest polluters in Los Angeles," Carter said. He also noted that Weiss has taken campaign contributions from firms that have defended companies accused of environmental pollution. The argument, Carter said, "can be turned on him very easily." - LAT 4/27/09

Um, obviously it's OVER for Weiss and do I even need to say, "tell everyone you know to vote for "TRUTANICH" this May 19th and remember to vote, yourself.

I have spent a lot of time in person and on the phone with "Nuch" and like his passion AND his vision for the City Attorney's office. So I am voting for him because I like Trutanich. But you also have to vote TRUTANICH so that Villaraigosa and Weiss are not allowed to run rough-shot over the City together without any checks and balances from the City Attorney's office. Villarweiss would be a VERY SCARY combination for the people and businesses of Los Angeles.

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