Friday, May 22, 2009

City of Los Angeles Needs To Regulate Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Because They Are Popping Up All Over The Place!

Now that Nuch won, and I gave him a day to recover, it's time to sweep away the confetti and get down to city business on this Memorial Day Weekend Friday. I sent this email to Nuch, but his email inbox was full, so I'll just post it here, for now, because it's a big issue that deserves local blog coverage anyway.

To: Uncle Nuch
Fr: Zuma Dogg
Re: Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles
Dt: 05/22/09

HERE'S THE FIRST THING I WOULD WANT TO BRING TO THE ATTENTION OF THE CITY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE (Not saying it's the #1 issue you confront, but it IS a B-I-G issue, that will only be getting BIGGER.):


As you know the City Attorney's office, along with City Council put a moratorium in place that prevented new dispensaries from opening up, while the City Attorney and Council came up with rules to help regulate the dispensaries. But, no surprise, the City did not come up with any regulations, and the moratorium expired and although they extended it, they did so without adding any regulations. (I hear there is a "hardship exemption" that allows anyone and everyone to open a co-op while waiting for an answer on the exemption. And it doesn't take much to file one.)

This has allowed and now caused medical marijuana dispensaries to "pop up" all over the place, unregulated. The City has lost control as to even knowing the locations of all the dispensaries around town.

This problem was brought to my attention by the "grandfather" dispensaries, themselves.

So the first, easy to get moving, item that I would let you know about would be the dispensary issue.

I know it's something Zine & Hahn are involved with.

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