Friday, May 22, 2009


I am SO screwed. I don't care what jealous crybaby losers say about ZD, everyone knows I have been burnt out beyond belief, more than ever, sleeping on the streets and all that...BUT, with the elections this past Tuesday, I made sure I squeezed out as much "ZD" by calling in the radio, blogging and making sure I hit all the Council meetings these past couple weeks to blast about the City Attorney race. AND, I have breaking PENSIONGATE news, with the waves making it all the way to New York City and New York Daily News. So I've pushed and squeezed as much ZD as possible over the past couple weeks.

And now it is Memorial Day Weekend, I woke up outside at 5:30am when construction workers statred way earlier than they were supposed to, and I got NOTHING right now. Including NOTHING to eat, and it unravels, real quick.

It was a great time, it was a triumphous victory, had a great time, but now I am very screwed.

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