Friday, May 1, 2009

City of Los Angeles...The NEW Graffiti City!

When you think of a city littered with graffiti, I think of classic video of New York City in the 70's. Well, they cleaned up New York City. So now, The City of Los Angeles is the NEW, KING of Graffiti!

Welcome to Los Angeles...GRAFFITI CITY! It starts as soon as you enter the 10.

Zuma Dogg has already declared that graffiti is about to REALLY start showing up and spreading like an uncontrolled wildfire -- and will be the most frustrating problem that the city will be powerless over.

The only solution will be to have "graffiti crews" drive around the city at 6:00am, every morning and paint it over. (We have traffic enforcement for meters, trash collection and other city services...gonna have to add one more.)

TODAY, traffic was the MOST gridlock I have ever experienced. And as I was moving 5 miles an hour on the 10 freeway, I really started noticing all the new graffiti along the freeway.
And with my foot on the brake for so much of the ride, I was able to snap a bunch of it on the ZumaCAM. But there was so much, I was only able to capture a fraction.

This was what I could catch during a couple exit stretch along the 10E to Grand Avenue exit Downtown Los Angeles.

The picture of the new parking meter splashed with yellow paint was taken from the same spot as the Hollenbeck Area van. (Ooops!) Like I said, gonna be hard to nip.

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