Sunday, May 17, 2009

CONFIDENTAIL MEMO From Wetherly Captial Board Meeting Looks Like THEY Are The Real Governor of California

Note: There is no coincidence that an earthquake hit L.A., just as I was starting to blog this all the way from Del Mar.

As I was investigating Wetherly Capital and their involvement in PENSIONGATE 2009 that you have now heard and read so much about, I came across a former Wetherly consultant who was on retainer at the time and attending Wetherly Capital board meetings.

However, something he felt was a much bigger issue, was what he considered to be a pay-for-play (quid pro quo) regarding Vivendi and Governor Gray Davis where Wetherly executives set-up a meeting between the two, in exchange for Vivendi's contribution of 42,000 acres of valuable California "water-related" real estate for their new water fund.

At the time, Wetherly was not only backing Gray Davis for his re-election bid, but Davis' opposition Bill Simon was a Wetherly client who had hired Wetherly to help him raise a $100 million for his William Simon "special situation" fund.

Will explain the significance of all of this next time. (That editorial will take a minute, but wanted some folks to be able to see these documents now.)

HERE IS A SUMMARY OF THE MEMO FROM A WETHERLY CAPITAL MEETING that details this all. (Click on each document to enlarge.)

1. Wetherly notes of positive feedback from their CalPERS puppets on the idea of a "water fund" project which of course is a good cause to raise money for because water makes the world go round more than gold or oil. And in this case, water problems concerning the Colorado River (that we are now seeing the results of).

2. December meeting with Governor Gray Davis and USFilter (Vivendi) regarding water issues AND A PROPOSED IMPERIAL IRRIGATION DISTRICT WATER TRANSFER RELATING TO THE SALTON SEA. Davis didn't want to get involved so USFilter would have to do all the leg work without the Governor. In other words, get to do whatever they wanted, as long as Davis still gets to be Governor, in which Wetherly was heavily involved.

3. Wetherly executive (looks like Vicky Schiff) attends PRIVATE briefing on "Mexico Border Infrastructure" hosted by Baja Governor Elourdy and attended by President Vicent Fox. Strategies discussed included water and waterwaste projects being proposed along the coastal zone of Baja California.

4. Meeting where creation of water fund (CAP) with USFilter (Vivendi) as limited partner; TRANSFER OF WATER RIGHTS INTO WETHERLY/VIVENDI'S PAC WATER FUND;and other strategies, probably most of which were probably about who to hit up for money to funnel into the fund.
5. See memo/convenient paper trail.

6. See memo/convenient paper trail.

7. Private meetings with Dan Weinstein & Wetherly Capital's political allies the California Tribal leaders on the water issues relating to Colorado River, Salton Sea, etc. (You may remember Weinstein & Wetherly raising money from the Tribal leaders to pay for an "Anti-Antonio Villaragiosa" campaign when their former puppet James Hahn was running for mayor. It worked and Hahn beat Antonio. THAT story will be followed up on, next!)

8. Report titled, "Southern California's Looming Water Challenges, including Vivendi's "promotional materials" were sent to CalPERS as if they had a choice on whether they were going to contribute, or not. (Have you seen the way they run the pension commissioners?)

So although Gray Davis is "reluctant to engage," it doesn't appear as though there is any reluctance to move ahead with the project and it seems to be moving ahead nicely, with promotional material sent over to CalPERS in a binder!


(Hello to Dan & Vicky from Zuma & Mr. "You Know Who" in Del Mar.)

HERE'S AN ACCOMPANYING MEMO/PAPER TRAIL...thanks Wetherly Boardmembers!

More to come from Zuma Dogg LIVE in Del Mar on LA Daily Blog.

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